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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Always check on barking dogs!

I am babysitting for my grandpuppy, Herky this weekend. He is half-brother to Sofee. They are both good dogs (minus the knitting needle obsession that Sofee has). They have been laying in the sun dozing, and generally living a dog's life in front of the patio door this morning. All of a sudden they were both barking and carrying on. After ignoring it for quite some time, I went to check out what all the excitement was about. And, about 15 feet from our patio door stood this lovely deer! By the time I got my camera, she had wandered a little farther away. Who knows how close she had been (when all the barking first started). So....the moral of the story...yes, "Always check on barking dogs!"


Jasen said...

Nice site. I like today's blog and the deer pic.

Karen said...

We don't have dogs, but one Sunday morning our neighbors called us to tell us we had horses in our yard. There are stables nearby and they got out. Now that was a sight.