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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's a Toe!

Yes, it's a toe! My very first toe-up sock has begun. It is pretty "fiddly", and I am not sure it will replace my normal sock process, but I do think I will have a viable sock when I am finished!. I decided to do the Color Blocks sock, the new Six Sox KAL. Trying to use leftover yarn, and be more free spirited and creative! Not me, I assure you. I like everything neat, orderly, and planned. So, the thought of sticking one's hand into a box of yarn and pulling out something to knit with....well, I am not sure I can be THAT free about it all. But I will try to not get too hung up on balance and perfection with the colors and the symetry of this pair. I will post a picture tomorrow. Just too late and too tired now.

Also...I got a delivery from Blue Moon today. Two skeins of STR. Beautiful colorways. Again, pictures tomorrow.

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