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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back to WIP

Now that the birthday celebration is over, (no, she did NOT get a set of knitting needles as her gift!), back to the knitting on this blog. Guess I should rename it, "nuttinbutknittin&sofeesu".

I started the "Fetzensocken" pattern by Diana Meyer. This is the July/August selection of the Sockmaniac Sockalong group. It is a German pattern and the literal translation is "tattered or shredded" socks. I can see that....in a beautiful sort of way!

The pattern is easy, if you just pay attention to what you are doing. Tinking back on this much open work has been a challenge for me, and there is an error. Believe it or not, I fixed it the best I could, took a deep breath, and continued. I am living with it!! This is a first for me - but I believe it is a good thing. The alternative was to totally start all over - and I had about 5 inches done. I am fine with my decision...

I have chosen to make these in a Lisa Souza yarn, colorway is "Pumpkin". It has her usual slight variation of color, to be found in her solids - which I love so very much. Again, the softness is wonderful, especially in this open stitch pattern.

Considering my current needle situation, I had to find a 64st pattern, to be done on Size 1's and again I have chosen Pony Pearls - my current favorite, and I have several back-ups. (Take that, Sofee!) The fit is perfect! I am really pleased with this pattern, and again - another fall color!
Cheers - K


Sandra D said...

Fabulous!! I love the color. I like Lisa's yarn, too. I'm going to use Fleece Artist for my version of the "F" sock, but if it turns out as nicely as yours, I'll probably pull out one of my Lisa skeins and make it again.

And what mistake? I don't see no mistake!

Bev Thornton said...

Nice looking sock, Kathy. I haven't started it yet but I do have empty needles waiting and maybe a weekend to spend in the house. I'm in Cedar Rapids and it is yucky humid! At least the corn in all those fields and my tomatoes love it. I have a ripe one to pick for this evening.

Allison said...

I am in love with that sock! The color is fabulous too.
Now I'm going to have to check out that pattern myself.

trish said...

Ooh, that design looks great in a solid or 'nearly solid'...I haven't had time to even think about starting this one until I get some of my other socks (Maple Leaf and Fisherman)done.