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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why....oh why.....??

I have been making fairly steady progress on my Maple Leaf socks.....till this am. Have a bit of a "situation" to deal with now. It is called "Sofee".
Why is such a sweet little dog so obsessed with chewing up knitting needles? This time, she got into my folded up knitting bag, ripped it out of a sock in progress, and went about her merry way...chomp chomp!!

So, do I wait for a new set of Pony Pearls to be delivered (I ordered 2 new sets already!!), do I try to continue to finish my socks with just 4 needles, or do I substitute another type of size 0 needle, and hope that the guage is not affected. Hmmm....

While I ponder that decision, I will be grateful that she doesn't chew on electrical cords, shoes, furniture, or expensive leather handbags. Always gotta be grateful!!

She will be 1 year old in 4 days. Sure hope she realizes she is all grown up and can knock off the puppy-chewing business.


Lynn said...

OMG she is adorable!!! Sorry abt the knitting chew toys, maybe she wants to learn?

Sandra Knapp said...

I commiserate with the loss of your needles, but looking into those gorgeous brown eyes, how could you ever be angry? She is too cute for words!