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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For my "Sockret Pal"

Dear Sockret Pal,

I am posting these answers as requested by Rachel. I hope they are helpful, but please ask questions of me if you have any. I am anxious to get to "know" you - as much as I am able. I will link this under the "FO" list in a few days, so that you can easily find it if you need it at a later date.

The Basics: I have knit off and on since I was a wee child, so probabaly 45-50 years or so. I first started knitting socks about 15 years ago. I would consider myself an "intermediate" knitter. I can pretty much figure out any pattern, but not creative enough to venture too far our of my comfort zone. I knit to de-stress.

The Measurements: I wear a 7 1/2 or 8 American shoe size. 38 European. My foot is fairly narrow - 8" around at ball of foot, and my ankle is 8". My calf (9" from the floor) is 12". Hope those measurements make sense, and are helpful to you.

Fiber related favorites: I like earth-colors. I love off-white/beiges, most any shade of golds, rusts, greens, brown (look at the fall tress)...mother nature's colorways. I like Denim Blue, but not most other blues. I like dark jeweltones also. I do not like bright, loud, vibrant, neon colors. I love to knit with superwash wool/nylon blend, also superwash merino. I have never tried alpaca or silk blends, but might be nice. I like my socks to be machine was and dry - call me lazy!! My favorite vendors are Lisa Souza.com, The knitter.com, Simply Socks.com, and KnitPicks.com. Other than Socks, I most enjoy making mittens and gloves. I prefer fingering weight, or perhaps DK, but not worsted weight yarns.

Fiber related dislikes: I really do not care for acrylic yarns. Nor do I care for handwash only yarns for socks - for mittens or gloves it is ok. I would never wear anything with glitter, beads, eyelash yarns, neon or virbrant, trendy yarns. I am a pretty basic gal!! No hot pink or lime green for me! LOL!!

The Tools: I knit with DPNS. My favorites are Pony Pearls (which are plastic over a metal core) and Brittany Birch. I have considered trying KintPicks new metal dpns, but have not done so yet. There is a cute little sheep shaped metal needle gauge that I have been looking at.... that's the only thing I can think of. Or, perhaps some clear plastic gadget bags.

The extras: I really do not have a wish list. I prefer saltly, crunchy, for sure! A splattering of chocolate is good too! No allergies. I am a nonsmoker, but do have a dog (she is adorable, I might add :)) My favorite scents are Vanilla, Pina Colada - that sort of thing. I do not care for floral scents. I really don't collect anything in particular. My birthday is Jan 23rd (I will be 55 years old - retirement age!!) I do not dye my own yarn, nor do I spin...although, spinning is something I might like to try sometime! (Did I mention that I am retiring soon??!!)

I can't think of anything else to add. Rachel has most bases covered, doesn't she? I am sorry this is so long, but tried to answer everything. If you have any questions of me, please let me know.

Thanks for listening.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.. you have given me much to think about...
your pal