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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bad doggies and knitting time....

We are babysitting Herky this weekend - MUCH to the delight of Sofee.
Notice the demonic look in her eyes - that is appropriate, as she is totally full of the devil when he is around. She adores him! and it is constant rumble tumble time! Notice, he is ignoring her....this happens a great deal also. LOL!! They are fun. BUT....at 4:00am they decided it was time to wake up and play!! It did allow me some extra knitting time, however. So - all is good!

This is the next project I have chosen: "Montgolfiere" It is the current KAL of the Socken-Kreativ-Liste, a German knitting group. I have never experienced this techique before - slipping stitches to give the look of 2 color knitting. You actually work with only one color at a time. Amazing to me, although I am sure most other folks are familiar with it. I find it to be totally MAGICAL!! (I am easily impressed! LOL)

I also have a current urge to make a toddler sweater for CIC. So --- always thinking ahead.

And - I must get started on the socks for my Sockret Pal....

Just not enough time in the day!!


Shirley said...

Aww, Sofee was having so much fun with Herky that she couldn't wait until regular playtime! Not sure if Herky was quite awake though.(vbg)

I really like the look of the
"Montgolfiere" socks. Love the colors you chose too.

Mama Bear said...

That's a great pattern on the socks! Do you read German or do you have it in English?

Suzann said...

What a cute dog !

I did that stitch pattern last June for a friend. See great minds
It is a fun pattern
By the way your knitting is beautiful

Jennifer said...

Your furbaby is so cute! (I am also a chihuahua mom who knits - it's nice to have a doggie that appreciates a good sweater.) Anyway, I love your beautiful wood sock stretchers - could you be persuaded to tell where you got them?