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Friday, October 13, 2006

One down - one to go...

I have one of the Traveler Socks by Nancy Bush finished. I must admit that I am not totally happy with this project...the process or the end product. BUT, I do like the sock on my foot - feels great!!

This is Lisa Souza's Sock Merino - Mulberry colorway. My trusty 2.25 Pony Pearl's DPN's are the weapon of choice.

Hope to get the other sock done quickly, as I am anxious to start my "Sockret Pal" gift socks. I think I know what I want to make for her!! It will be fun!


Pat said...

Your Traveler's Stocking is beautiful!! I'm doing both at once, but am only about 1/2 way down the cuff...the "process" is not thrilling to me on this sock either, but seeing your finished sock gives me the push I need - thanks for sharing your progress!

Bagpuss said...

Are you making these for the KOTR kal? I have yet to start mine as I haven't ordered my yarn yet. I am hoping to get them done during november.

Cary said...

Kathy, your sock really is pretty ;) Can you say what it is about the process that you didn't like?

And your puppy is positively ADORABLE!!! Oh my goodness...what a cutey!

Thanks for sharing your photo,
Cary at Serenity Farms

Mz Mar said...

I think your socks are great but I must admit I love Sofee's sweater better!! lol~~she is just too cute!!
I've tried twice to make a sweater for my Sophie(Boston Terrier) and still can't get the size right!
My dd loves it because the "mistakes" fit her dogs!!

Rebecca said...

Kathy, what are you not liking about these socks? I haven't started mine yet. Do you think you will have enough of the Lisa Souza yarn for the pair?

Kristine said...

Oh my goodness -- you knit those with pony pearls? I"m working on the same pattern, using the stiffest metal DPNS I could find for all those stitch crossings. I wonder if that might have helped?

Where did you get your sock blockers? I love them, just for sock-display purposes!


mf said...

Love the color they look great! Nice job!

Sandra said...

The mulberry sock is just gorgeous. I love the little panel running all the way down the sock, and I am really liking these picot or wavy cuffs. I like the lacy sock earlier in your blog too - that Nancy Bush sure does have some pretty patterns! I wasn't going to get the book because I have big size 10/11 feet and I understand the patterns are small-medium, but I might get it and see if I can supersize the patterns :-)