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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Holiday update....

Well, we survived the holidays at our house quite nicely! Had a wonderful time, and six pairs of my socks now have new homes. My DH is amazed at how comfy his Manly Giant socks are, and I am sure more will be produced for him in the future... Sigh...

Soon the last of the tinsel will be down and - before we know it, spring will be on the way. For sure - as we received the first Burpee Seed catalouge in the mail today! DH will be pleased to see it - as he is the gardener of the family. I do hope we get a little snow here in Iowa before the crocus pops thru the ground, however. Our son is in New Mexico, and his recent note spoke of falling snow!! (Please - Please - just a little snow here!!)

Knitting progress has been made since last post. I have completed my Chain Link Socks, the current KAL with the Six Sox group. I think I will wear them quite a bit, as they are "me".

I started a sweater for Herky, and am at the point that he must try it on before I move further. I will post "the fitting" later. I think he and his mom are stopping by tonight.

And, I started this CIC toddler sweater last evening. What a delightful knit!! I am not used to bulky yarn, and huge needles - wow - it flies off the needles! This is the Cozy in Cables toddler sweater designed by Marguerite of Stitches of Violet fame. This is just a lovely pattern, so very entertaining to knit. My DH had a point, however, when he questioned the wisdom of light yellow for a CIC sweater.... DUH!! I promise I won't make that mistake again:

As is evidenced by these colors. Yes, I revisited my going out of business LYS, and picked up a few more skeins of Lamps Pride Bulky. More toddler sweaters to come... (In my defense, I really went after size 10 1/2 DPNS - and just happened to notice there was more yarn availabe......)
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!


Artseycrafts said...

I like the yellow for the CIC sweater. It's cheerful and the little child who receives it will feel like sunshine!
Hmm, shopping again I see. I would do the same if there were good bargains here. The colors are so pretty!

Marguerite said...

IMHO Lamb's Pride bulky on sale should never be left on the shelf. Love the colors you picked.