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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I made it!

Skein #2 actually had several yards more than skein #1 - so all is well!

I will soon be casting on "Uptown Boot Socks" from the new Interweave Press book "Favorite Socks". And, I continuing to work on the second "Jaywalker".

Also, I received a terrific package from my Sockret Pal yesterday. I will tell you all about that very soon. I am thrilled!! Thanks Sockret pal - whoever you may be!!

These Monkey socks knit of Silja on PonyPeals 2.25mm DPNS.


Artseycrafts said...

Kathy, you did a fantastic job and I really like Monkeys in white! Glad you had enough yarn too.

Pat said...

Perfect monkeys! I can see that pattern beautifully in white!!
Good luck spinning....I have a spindle and have spun enough for maybe a hat, but have decided to save spinning until we retire and the kids are a bit older....something to look forward to!

Jakki said...

Haven't tried this pattern yet, but I like the look of it in the solid color. So...I'm thinking this pattern in a solid pastel for Mother. [She's been all but asking for a second pair of handknit socks :-]