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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jaywalkers - ready for walking!

All finished - and loved for sure! Very nice fit. I am sure these will be a pair I wear quite often.

Knit on 2.25 Pony Pearl DPNS, of Lisa Souza "Sock!" - colorway "Graphite". The famouse "Jaywalker" pattern by Grumperina. I am probably one of the last to make these.... better late than never they always say. Glad I finally got around to it!

And next? Hmm...still undecided. Absolutely nothing on the needles right now!!

I still have a personal goal of 6 pairs of "big kid" socks of the current CIC challenge - which ends at the end of the month. I have 4 waiting to be sent in - if I hurry I can get 2 more pair done in time.....


Rebecca said...

No, I am the LAST one to knit the Jaywalker socks! Yours look lovely!

Thanks for your encouraging words about the solitude of being an empty nester! I will take them to heart in May when my girls graduate from college and don't come back home to Colorado.

My LYS has a copy of the magazine that has the Central Park Hoodie in it, or at least they did last week. If you want me to pick it up for you I will.

Anonymous said...

Love the Jaywalkers!

Tanya said...

If there weren't so many other sock patterns out there to try, I would certainly knit several pairs of Jaywalkers. They are fun to knit and look much harder than they are so they REALLY impress people!

I really like the colorway!

Jakki said...

Your Jaywalkers look great - and comfy!

Elysbeth said...

I have the Jaywalker pattern, but haven't knit yet...does that count as Last : )

Yours are tempting me though.