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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And, during intermission....

Sofee and I were in the back yard and discovered some pleasant thing to share:

The Clematis vine is in fine form right now. I have another that blooms about the time this one is done. It is dark blue. This was a favorite flower of my grandmother, and I think of her each spring.
Pine Cones may not be too exciting to some of you, but this is a first for us! This is on a weeping pine that we planted about 8-9 years ago. There are 6 lovely pine cones forming this year.

And, swinging in the breeze were these little lovelies. I have come to enjoy little "frilly" flowers as filler in hanging baskets. They often are prettier than the big showy flowers that they compliment.

And, on the knitting front: I have been working on the fronts of the "Must Have Cardigan" together on one needle. All was well, until the front decreases - then it got somewhat confusing. So, I separated them. I have one front finished, and the second will be done tomorrow, I hope. So far, it's going pretty well.... Not too bored yet.


KnittySue said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful piece of spring. They are all beautiful...I just bought a Colorado blue spruce..a baby. I just took pics of my outside and will share them soon.
Take care. Sue

Artseycrafts said...

Your flowers are lovely! I have never seen pine cones like yours - thanks for showing them to us.
Now you are in the lead with the MHC! I will be glad when I can start mine again but I am anxious to see yours. I know it is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous flowers, love your clematis! I just planted my annuals this weekend - hope they do as well as yours :)

bobbi said...

great photos! thanks for sharing.