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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum.....

The giant clogs are done!
(Yes, that's a 12 inch ruler)
I hope they are a size 11 1/2 extra wide after felting. Last time I was successful in achieving the desired size, but I used Lopi Lite, if memory serves me. These are made from Nature Spun Worsted Weight. I will be attempting to felt these sans a washing machine. I have a new front loader, and I prefer not to use it for felting....plus agitation is lacking. I am going to try to do it by hand - with a (brand new) plunger and tennis balls in a 5-gallon bucket. I'll let you know after Christmas....wish me luck.

I used the old Fiber Trends pattern, AC-33x. Double stranded worsted weight on a size 11 needle. They make the warmest slippers ever!

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