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Saturday, March 01, 2008

What was YOUR first knitting project?

Melissa came over this morning, for a show and tell, and a few quick lessons. Can you believe this is her first project?
She brought all of those lovely harmony needle sets for me to fondle. Even the sock needles. See those... ARRRGGGHHH!!! I think my first (few) projects were woe-be-gotten scarfs. Certainly nothing with such uniformity of stitches as what this gal is producing. She seems to have an intuitive ability....such as discerning the difference of the drag between the smooth metal option needles (that I had loaned her) and her new harmony wood ones. I was trying to remember how to knit vs purl when I first started knitting. Geeezzz.....!!

We had a quickie lesson on blocking, seaming, picking up stitches, and knitting two sleeves at once on 1 circular needle. Since there are as many ways of doing things as there are knitters out there, I can only hope that I am not leading her down any wrong paths.

Her collection of books has begun and the mind boggling, ever growing list of "someday" projects is starting to form in her brain!! Yes, she is smitten with the fine art of knitting. Being a fearless lass, she had chosen this as her next project! YIKES!!
But after some Ravelry research, we found what appears to be some unresolved pattern errors. I think she has decided to wait a while on that project. Hopefully adequate errata will appear eventually. ( Whew....Smart gal!) Value of Ravelry - lesson learned, and yes, she is on the waiting list.

So that I may be nothing, if not an Enabler, I gave a donation to her budding stash - her first skein of Sock yarn to go with those lovely needles. A Lisa Souza Sock! I wanted to get her started off with the best - well, at least one of my all time favorite yarns. Yes, socks are on her list, as is a sweater for her dog, one for her husband (not necessarily in that order) and a sweater out of this yarn:Another lesson learned...sometimes your monitor does not show the yarn accurately. She admits there was an element of surprise and a little bit of disappointment packaged in with this yarn. It will make a lovely sweater, she just needs to find the correct pattern for it. Or, she may learn the fine art of permanent stash building. Isn't that a basic knitter's skill too??

She left with borrowed blocking pads under her arm, some(more) yarn catalogs, some patterns, and a huge heap of my respect. Ahhh.... Youth. But, retirement...that at least provides the time to do the craft.

Talk about intuitive....she knows this skill perfectly - always bring the teacher a little treat!
She is a star pupil!

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