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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sofee meets BG:

Boy - are things getting exciting around here! Herky's mom and dad came over, but WITHOUT Herky! What a bummer.... I LOVE it when Herky comes to play. But instead, they brought BG over for me to meet! FINALLY!!!! BG is a tiny little human! And boy - does he smell GOOD!
I was so excited when I first got a whiff of BG.....I wanted to jump right into the car seat with him! Mom was hanging on to me, and Herky's mom acted real nervous!!!!! I just got to smell him, (and I got one quick lick to the top of his head!) I was so nervous and excited.....I have never even seen such a tiny little human before. I guess he's Herky's new little brother. Lucky Herky!

But, mom and dad have been working on this old crib that was stored in the basement. They have it all cleaned up and come to find out.....mom and I are going to babysit BG when Herky's mom goes back to work! How cool is that! I'll get to smell him every day!!!!! He's too little to play with now, but eventually we'll have lots of fun together!

Mom and Dad will always love me, and I know that. I bet mom gives me even more attention and lovings once BG is coming all the time.....I know how mom is! And, if I am VERY lucky....perhaps I will get some extra treats too!!

(Mom asked me to assure everyone - the bedding will be changed. I just had to try it out first....and it's pretty nice!)

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