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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Truly Larger than Life....

My goodness! What's this....?? How beautiful - and, hmmmm - do I smell Boy?

I feel famous! A bit like Mona Lisa! Dad says it's totally me...and I must agree. It's beautiful.... hmmmm - Autographs anyone???

And, a note from mom:
In case you aren't a regular reader, this beautiful painting was a very Huge Surprise from my friend Shirley and her son Jim, the artist. Such a very generous gift - well, it just boggles my mind! They both do beautiful paintings. Shirley has some linked on her blog sidebar. Check them out - amazing!

On the knitting front, I have been - knitting that is - but nothing worthy of a photo at this point. My MS9 shawl looks like a big blob. I may stretch it out soon, just to see what's cook'n. I am enjoying the process greatly. Lace - relaxing and enjoyable! I have also been knitting mittens for the CIC mitten challenge. I am hoping to do a dozen pair, but not sure if my enthusiasm will deminish or not. I have 7 pair done so far.

I am going to do the grandma thing today - having BG all day. Giving momma a much deserved break....a free day off! He is one month old now...very hard to imagine how fast time flies - and how quickly the little guy is changing. Such a joy........

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