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Monday, March 30, 2009

How I spent yesterday.....

I have totally devoured Beth Brown-Reinsel's book "Knitting Ganseys" and I have blind faith! Hopefully all of my math was correct, and my gauge is not going to mysteriously change (as it often does) somewhere between my cast on and my cast off. YIKES!!!!
Yes...I grafted out every last stitch!!!! My eyes were crossed for hours after I was done. I was a very good student and followed all instructions explicitly.

I have the 2" garter stitch welt done, and followed her instructions of making this 90% of the body stitches. I am sure she is more experienced in garter welt's "flaring out" than am I.

So...after 2 1/2 years of this yarn patiently waiting to be knit into something......It's on it's way to being a very nontraditional (as in two colored) traditional Gansey. A fitting project for Scottish wool. (Well....I hope it fits anyway!) oh well - I knit for the process anyway - most of the time.

Thanks Marguerite, for the encouragement! (I may need your prayers too - before this is over...) :)

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