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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some pretties.....

I love Redbud trees.  I think they look mystical and "other-worldly".  After a couple of failed attempts, I now have a fine specimen of my own - right in my own back yard.  But what I saw today nearly took my breath away!.

Red Haw State Park is covered in Redbuds!  DH and I took a road trip to Southern Iowa today.  The park is located near the town of Chariton.  Timing could not have been more perfect. 
There is a nice lake, the banks of which were just covered with them!
They also lined the roadways.
Right around this bend, we could see the water again, and were thrilled to see a group of Pelicans.
DH liked the trees, but I think a group of Pelicans.....well, it made his day.  Up until then, we had seen only a few Canadian Geese and a few ducks - one of which was a wood duck.  I quickly grabbed the camera, but these guys didn't stick around for many  poses.

Then on to Pella.  Pella is a Dutch community, with an annual "Tulip Time" fesitval every May.  This year, I'm afraid the tulips may be past their prime.  They were the most beautiful I have ever seen them - today - which is two weeks before their festival.  The whole town is covered with gorgeous beds of tulips. 
This has to be my favorite color of all!  Followed closely by
these gorgeous yellow ones. 
I really don't know much about tulips, but there were some very unusual varieties! 
So, this year we missed the street dancers in their wooden shoes, and the street washing that they do.  We weren't tempted by all the junk food vendors either. We experienced absolutely gorgeous tulips and no crowds!  Not a bad way to end a spring road trip.
"Yeah, easy for you to say.  I had to have a bath when we got home....something about washing off allergens.  Up until then I was having a good day too! - oh well, at least that little boy didn't get to go!!"


Dorothy said...

We have loads of tulips here (they grow them commercially) and it's always interesting to see if the Tulip Festival comes before or after the tulips! Big Holland Happening this weekend - lots of Dutch in our community.

Elaine said...

Oh what a nice trip! I love tulips. They're my favorite flower and DH is always buying me some. (lucky me!) I can't get over how many tulips there are in your pictures! Now that is something I would definitely love to see!

Monika said...

Oh how gorgeous all those blooming trees and flowers are. Very nice pictures! All of them. I have one of those red bud trees also, didn't know what it's called before, but it's not blooming yet.
Sophie is very cute. :o)

Anonymous said...

How pretty - the tulips and the redbud trees. Our tulips bloom in March and most of our flowering trees have also finished. It's nice to see "Spring" again!

Robin said...

I love redbuds, too! They should call them fuschia buds! Those tulips are gorgeous!

Marguerite said...

What nice pictures. Love seeing the tulips. One of my favorite flowers but I can't seem to grow them here. The rodents and deer eat the bulbs.

Glad you had a nice trip. Well worth a bath.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful, beautiful pictures! Right about now is when I'm ready for spring to come to these snowy mountains. I also love Red Bud trees.....we had lots of those in Texas.

Jean said...

What a little star Sofee is, the tulips are beautiful, I love Redbuds, tried to plant one but they do not do well in Southern California.

Nancy said...

Love the pics. Looks like you saw some beautiful nature and wildlife. Pelicans in the wild! Wow. I've never seen that. Probably won't here in Ok. ?? So good to see Sofee again too.