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Sunday, April 11, 2010

This (not so great) and that (lots of potential). ....

While I was spinning those fun, colorful scrappies, I took a break from my  knitting of Kerrara.  Back on track this past week,  I was on target for a finished sweater by this weekend.  That was BEFORE my cable came apart on Thursday night, causing a little knitting nightmare!
I have heard horror stories about Knitpicks cables coming apart, but I can now join that club of sufferers!  The old adage...."You get what you pay for".  I will say no more!  Anyway - it happened during TNKG, and while I worked on it for several hours, and again on Friday....there remained one place that I could not correct an error in the pattern.  So.....I had to totally rip off the band and start again.  This is a Double Garter Stitch band, and with the double wrapped stitches and the unfamiliarity of the stitch itself, well, it won - I lost.  The most unfortunate thing is that I was on the 6th of 7 rows.  And....this particular stitch is causing havoc with my wrists.  So, completion of the sweater is a little postponed.  I have been sprinkling a good dose of spinning into my free time these last few days.  Good for the soul!

Today I have some promises to keep, both to myself and others.  First, I HAVE to get some things organized for next weekend's "2010 YarnOver", being held in Minneapolis.  This is where I will be attending a "Photographing Your Fiber" class, with Franklin Habit.  My second class will be "Tips and Tricks with Two-End Knitting" with Carol Rhoades.  The classes being offered, with the fantastic instructors - it made my head spin!  I chose classes in which I would be learning new techniques - rather than for the famous instructor.  I think with these classes I have the best of both worlds.  REALLY looking forward to it, but I MUST get things organized.....TODAY!  I even have homework that needs to be done!  YIKES!!!

And, I promised the most important men in my life (DH and BG) that I would bake a treat today.  It's a rite of passage into spring/summer.....rhubarb!
The first cutting of the season.  Aren't the colors pretty!  BG has watched the plants grow every time we have trotted out to the back yard (and there have been MANY trips!)  He feigns excitement each trip.....he aims to please his "Ganma"!  He is nothing if not a good eater - loves pumpkin and zucchini breads.  I am sure whatever I concoct with this tender fresh rhubarb will be to his liking.  And if not....all the more for "Ganpa".


Dorothy said...

So sorry for the knitting snafu. Never fun. If BG doesn't like the rhubarb, you can save some for me.

Monika said...

Argh! I'll never buy those needles!

Mmm, rhubarb, I love it. As kids we had it in the garden. We ate it raw sometimes, but most often as kompott together with apples. Only as an adult I learned that you can make pies, and cakes with it too. :o)

Anonymous said...

I am also sorry about the knitting problem because of your cable breaking. I have never had one break so keeping my fingers crossed.

I have never tasted Rhubarb so BG is ahead of me.(LOL) The colors are beautiful and make me think of fiber.(vbg)

Elaine said...

Oh I feel your pain! I've had those cables break on me a couple of times. You're right, you do get what you pay for, but still I use them as I like the slender cable. Have a great time on your knitting adventure. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it!

Ganma is so cute. My baby calls me "gramps"! LOL I don't care as long as he calls!

Judy S. said...

Fresh rhubarb, yum! It makes a great cake. Sorry about your cables; sounds pretty frustrating. Have a good time in MPLS!

Karen said...

I'm sure you'll make something very tasty with your rhubarb.
I'm sorry about the SNAFU with your knitting. I've never used the Knitpicks needles but I have heard others with the same problem.
The classes sound fantastic!

Vicki said...

I enjoy reading the adventures of you and BG.
How glorious to have a do-over!

Erica said...

Argh! I was so hoping you would be able to save that after Thursday's meeting, especially since you were so close to completion!!! How are your wrists doing?

Pat said...

Sorry about the cable - I had the same thing happen with a pair of socks last week (not as dramatic as your sweater band!)- the cable pulled right out of the metal section - I called KP and they sent me a replacement free. In all my years using them that is the 1st time it happened, so I haven't given up on them completely YET.
Can't wait to see your sweater - I may have to go against my "no computer" vacation rule and check online while in VA just to see if you finished!
Enjoy your classes - sounds like you picked great ones - I'm envious esp. of photography with Franklin!

I just picked rhubarb today too :-)

JakkiMitch said...

Wow! 2010 YarnOver sounds awesome! Can't wait to read all about it on your blog :-)

Marguerite said...

I use Knitpicks needles all the time. Love the cords, love the points. Extremely sorry to hear the cable detaches. Not a pretty story.

Have fun at 2010 YarnOver. Looking forward to hearing all about it.