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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And now the question is:

Should sock #2 match or be reversed in color placement?  Care to vote?  You will find a poll over on the sidebar.  I may not base my final decision on the results, but I am curious as to what others might think. 
This is the handspun shown in the previous post, coupled with some natural "oatmeal" BFL handspun.  I am really enjoying this pattern - sort of like potato chips.....hard to knit just one pair!   I've always liked stripes!

This morning BG and I visited the "pre"-preschool he will attend in the fall. He'll be two this summer.  WOW - so hard for me to believe.  Also hard for me to believe he'll be going off with back-pack in tow in just a few short months.  At this age, socialization is the greatest benefit.  He will attend 2 mornings each week.   I'm sure he will have a terrific time.  We frequent libraries and take in their story hours on a regular basis.  He'll do just fine!  Me - well, I'm sure I'll be ok too.... (sniff sniff).  

Anyway, he took quite nicely to looking around the classroom, and was exceptionally impressed by the toddler sized and appropriately mounnted sink!  The potty - well not so much, but that SINK!  with RUNNING WATER!  Well within EASY REACH!!  We were there about 30-45 minutes.  I'm sure he washed his hands at least a dozen times!  We'll probably have to pay a surcharge for extra soap/paper towel usage!  LOL.... could be worse....clean hands are a "good thing".

Thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to vote.  (Perhaps I've been watching too much Dancing With The Stars). 


Karen said...

I love the sock!! I'll vote but I want to tell you that whatever is fine.
I can't believe that BG is almost 2. BG is going to have to stand for Big Guy pretty soon:)

Monika said...

I love your new sock. You forgot to give us a third option to vote for, the "I don't care what you do, it will look fabulous anyway" option, that would have been my vote. :o)

Artseycrafts said...

Good choice to use your handspun for the socks. BG doesn't seem old enough for school already! (LOL)

Dorothy said...

I voted, but I echo the other comments - they will be gorgeous no matter what you do! BG looks so cute with his little computer. What techie kids! The other day Isobel (5) told her mom she was going shopping. Then she went and got her toy computer!!

Pat said...

Oh man...after my vote, it is tied!

Elaine said...

What fun getting to vote! Of course, you know which way I voted!! This pattern is so intriguing and I want to know more. Does the seam form a ridge along the sole? Is there a "different" fit for the heel? I think the short row heels are sometimes a little tight. Probably, I should just break down and buy the pattern and find out for myself! ;o) BTW, are you getting a commission on pattern sales for this sock? (grin)

Wow, school at age 2? It doesn't seem possible that BG is old enough to even consider it! Time really does fly!

Marguerite said...

Time sure does fly by. Two mornings a week is just right for a 2 year old. He'll love it and still have plenty of time to spend with you.

I voted and now the poll is tied. Either way the socks will be great and the ankle part that actually shows should be about the same color even if the foot and cuff are opposites.

RedThread said...

Love the colors in these! I think you should keep the pattern the same, with the blue at the cuff.