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Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick - a speedy catch up

Shhhhhh..... if I type fast, perhaps I have time to update this blog.  Notice, he has FOUR Eyeores in there!  Eyeore is his "lovey" of choice, but there are only supposed to be two at my house.  I think they are migrating.  He was quite surprised, not to mention delighted when he realized he had FOUR to cuddle with today!

So...  here's a quick update:
My handspun sweater is finished (except for closures, which are yet to be determined) and patiently waiting a wash/blocking.  May be awhile, but photos will be posted upon completion.  I now look forward to knitting up some of the left-over yarn.

I gave in today, and purchased a new plastic bin, dedicated to handspun stash development.
Clear sides will help keep it on the top of my mind - and will remind me to knit it up.  Hmmm.... I'll let you know how that works out.

The latest finished socks, another RedBird pair - Faux is Fair again.  These are knit from a skein of Cascade Heritage off white, and a multi Regia yarn.  Oh, and the blue/white ones of the same design were gifted to my mom over the weekend.  She really liked them!  I was very happy, and a bit surprised.  They were not her main Mother's day gift, but a little extra, as I didn't know how they would be received.  Just goes to show - you never can tell!
I really like this pattern - it's fun and makes a very nice looking sock, at least I think so.

On Saturday at my LYS, on a whim, I grabbed this book:
Most are a little on the wild side, but there are quite a few patterns that I really like.  I remember when they published a similar book, probably 20 years or so ago. I need to find that one and compare what was hot in the sock world then, compared to the knitting styles now.  I don't believe I ever knit any from the previous book.  Hmmmm - we'll see about this one.

Most current spinning:
It's a Mixed Blessing Club selection, from Jan/Feb I believe.  Obviously I am a bit late for the party..... And, I failed to get a photo before spinning.  Sorry - I'll try to do better in the future.  Anyway, it's 2 skeins of 3-ply fingering weight.  Not sure what they will become....but for now they are just snuggling each other as I ponder their fate.

And my current knitting project is:
From my handspun, "Bird in the Hand" mittens, pattern by Kate Gilbert.  Would love to say it's a fun project, but if I were to tell the truth, I'd have to say it's a pain - literally!  My wrist is hurting.  It's a worsted weight yarn, knit with size US1 needles.  The pattern calls for WW, and this handspun is right on.  The final mitten is dense, and will be extremely warm.  So....it's all worth it in the end.

So - that's about it.  And.....I hear a little guy stirring. He keeps saying "Eyeore!" over and over again.  LOL!  He's in heaven!   Anyway, this Grandma better get busy again!


Judy S. said...

Well, you've been busy with some beautful projects! Love those socks and mittens. And what a well-prepared little guy; our Sophia has a ratty looking red bear, and only he will do.....

Monika said...

Oh what a delightful post! From start to finish all those lovelies, including your grandson! My daughter neede 3 pacifiers to be able to sleep, one in her mouth and one in each hand, then she was in heaven. :o)

I have two plastic bins for my handspun now, not clear though. :o)

Love the socks, the handspun yarn, and your new mitten!

Great that your mom liked the socks, who wouldn't??? :o)

Dorothy said...

Wow! Lots of beautiful projects - especially the first one. We tried getting Isobel a "Spare Bear" so that she'd have an extra should "Bear Bear" go missing. No go! Even though they were identical, she knew the difference and would only settle for the original. Did you join the Mixed Blessings club this time around? I did and just got my first shipment. Unfortunately I have too many spinning projects going and it will have to wait!

Karen said...

Everything looks fantastic! I'm glad you bought a big bin for your hand spun. You're planning to have plenty to show:)
BG is so cute with his Eyeores. Having many is always best.

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

Totally love the socks!

Artseycrafts said...

What an interesting post! BG looks very happy with his 4 Eyeores and from what I can see, your sweater also looks nice. Beautiful socks and mittens too!

KnittySue said...

OH what beautiful knits..your my inspiration..no question about it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the socks, the Regina colorway is so pretty..they are just striking. I can't believe you can get so many beautiful things knit up in such a short time.
Eyeore times 4 *v* a little boys dream..he's just so dang cute.
Thanks for sharing...I missed your updates.

Pat said...

WOW - lots happening in Iowa!
I can't wait to see that sweater unfolded!LOVE the socks of course and the mitten is simply gorgeous - will be worth the tight gauge struggles!

Elaine said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! I don't know how you accomplish as much as you do. Your projects are always so nice, the yarn is lovely, and that grandson is just adorable!! Eyeore is my favorite too!