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Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's a beautiful thing:

(Well, an expensive thing too, but I'm trying to forget about that.)  My WooLee Winder arrived Thursday of last week - quicker than I had even hoped!  I haven't had a great deal of time to devote to it, but if first impressions prove to be correct, it will be a Love-fest!  I did a fast plying of all my little bits and pieces of left-over singles.  It was wonderfully quick and fun.  I expected a break-in period (for me mostly) but the feel and handling seem very intuitive to me.  I'm hoping to spend some quality one on one time later today.  I have my first (and probably last, as I'm really not in the market) commissioned spinning project slated to begin later today.

It's a simple thing:
The simple cotton wash cloth.  I guess they are called "spa" cloths these days.  The off-white one was a kit that I received at the YarnOver event.  It was a more expensive cotton, the name of which escapes me at the moment.  The brown one is knit out of Knitpicks DK Cotlin- Cashew colorway.  The green one that I am currently working on is Knitpicks Simply Cotton Sport in the Tea green colorway.  And the natural colored skein in waiting is Knitpicks Simpley Cotton sport - malted milk.  It's an organic cotton - and no dyes.  It seems I so oftentimes find myself without a simple project on which to work during my TNKG.  That's how I started with these washcloths, and there is something addictive in making them.  I have used the same pattern for all of them.  I much prefer the finer gauge of a DK or Sport weight to the heavier worsted weight cottons.

It's a WILD thing:

LOL - but I love it!  I wanted to knit a shawlette type of scarf, but wanted one that I could wear more like a cowl than a shawl.  The 22.5 degree pattern fit the bill perfectly.  It's more long and narrow than most.  I really like the scalloped edge that is knit (not crocheted) on. 
The designer has a link to a tutorial video explaining how it's done.  I plan on making more of these! 

And it's a totally Amazing thing:

How quickly this little guy is growing up. I spent way too much time yesterday in Toys R Us and The Learning Post tying to decide upon birthday gifts.  The big day is next weekend!  I truly am amazed.......


Artseycrafts said...

Enjoy your new toy (I know you will). Love the "spa" cloths and cowl!

What, Grant is a fisherman already?? It doesn't seem possible. Happy birthday to the birthday boy!

Monika said...

I love my wooly winder! The washcloths look very nice in those colors, and I like it, that you used the same stitch pattern for all of them. In 2006 I've knit about 50 wash cloths, and until they are all used up, I'm not planning on knitting any more of those (I did give many of them away but still...).
I like your Wild Thing scarf/shawl!!! The color of course looks amazing, and I could not believe that it's not a crochet edge! That's a very cute picture of BG!

KnittySue said...

Love the spa cloths and cowl..and UM are you sure that's BG...when did he get to be such a big boy...OH MYYY!
Give him a birthday hug for me.

Lynn said...

WOW he is getting big!!! Look how well he handles that fishing pole!!!! Great stuff!

I really like the colors of your spa cloths too! (spa cloths give it more of a sophisticated sound instead of dish rags, huh?? LOL)

and great new toy!

JakkiMitch said...

Luv all your photos - especially the ones of the little man :-) 2 years old already??

It's amazing how quickly they grow up!

Robin said...

As usual, love all your before and after shots of your roving and yarn. Great cloths and shawlette - i downloaded both! He's becoming quite the man with his fishing pole! Why do they have to grow up so fast???