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Monday, July 05, 2010

The other grandkid......

If you will remember, before BG, there was Herky!  (Sofee's half brother - from her mom's first litter, with a different father).  He is totally mellow and just the best dog ever!  He's twice the size of Herky, yet she totally rules....  She is a bit of a diva at best!  LOL
After having perfected 4th of July Parade Etiquette, and Proper Treat Begging Techniques....
BG decided to have his parents take him in search of Zebra.  The Des Moines zoo has had Zebra in past years, but for some reason they are not there this year.  So, they are on a hunt for Zebra - destination the Omaha Zoo.  
We are officially dog sitting.  This visit, I think Herky will just enjoy the rest and relaxation that our house (sans BG) will provide for him.  I won't have BG back until Thursday, and while I must admit a few days of freedom will be nice, I am surprised at how much I already miss him!

While I'm not participating in the "Tour de Fleece", I have been spinning.
I believe this Woolee Winder bobbin will hold an entire 4oz of fiber!! (Have I mentioned I love my Woolee Winder??)   I plan on an N-ply fingering weight - with not an inch of waste!  It's shetland, my first experience with Shetland fiber.  It's just wonderful to spin!  Begs to be thin.....Love it - totally.  I'm a little nervous to even put it into words, as I usually don't spin for a specific project, but IF it turns out as I hope.....it will eventually become a pair of gloves.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

These socks were completed a day or so ago.  It's the Red Herring pattern by Cook A - From Knitty a couple of years ago.  Handspun Finn and Merino yarns. They will make great boot socks for this winter.  The leg, due to the stranding, will be extra warm.  The toes and heels are very dense - knit on smaller needles for durability.  I will never know why it's so fulfilling to knit with handspun - but it certainly is!

Hope everyone had/has a nice 4th Holiday.  It's pretty quiet at our house.  DH is home - which is good, as he's been putting in way too many hours at work lately.  Our rainy weather continues - to the point of most firework display's cancellation.  Sigh..... But we personally are not in jeopardy of flooding - and for that I am grateful!  Soggy fiber would not be a good thing - not at all!


Kay-From the Back Yard said...

Your socks are beautiful! Glad you had a good Fourth. Very cute photo of BG at the parade.

Monika said...

Your grandson is just too cute. How serious he's in this picture!
You always spin the most wonderful fiber! I love my wooly winder too! :o)
The socks look stunning!

Artseycrafts said...

Awww, Herky looks so sweet and happy to be with his little Sister. Your Shetland handspun is looking great and I love your socks. All of your projects are always perfection!

Robin said...

I need a Woolee Winder! GS is so cute!

JakkiMitch said...

Great photos!! BG will love the zoo :-) You two will have a lot to talk about when he gets back.