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Monday, October 25, 2010

One for the troops......

Well, six, actually!

One of the gals from my TNKG, her husband has been recently deployed, and her office is gathering goodies for a care package for him.  They are trying to get 50 helmet liners gathered.  Specifics were given, as to size, yarn content and color.  Hopefully these will all pass inspection. 

While I am getting close to completion of the Advent Calender (I have only 3 more ornaments to make!!), I took a break yesterday and spun.  Spun with wild abandon!

I had a sampler bag of colored fiber that I got with my wheel.  There are actually 2 more colors waiting to be spun.  I wanted lots of texture in the yarn, so I tried for lumpy, bumpy, slubby yarn.  I think I like the results.  Not sure, but I think I will knit up colorful little mittens.  These skeins have not been set yet.  It was so much fun getting back to my wheel.  It had been much too long!!

I'll catch up with you again later.  Nothing much new..... the eye is about the same.  Trying to be grateful that it's not worse.  Hope all your little goblins have a fun and safe Halloween.  BG will be going to preschool as a monkey tomorrow.  Actually - he's pretty much a monkey every day!!  :)


Karen said...

The hats are lovely and will be well loved I'm sure.
The yarn you spun is so pretty! Look at the colors!
Be sure to take a photo of BG in his monkey costume. He'll be adorable.

KnittySue said...

so glad your eye isn't getting worse..WOW it's scary. BG should be totally adorable this halloween, have fun. I still find it amazing that roving can become yarn...great colors.

Artseycrafts said...

Wow! Your helmet liners are very nice and will be much appreciated. I LOVE the new yarns! I could see them knit into a shawl.

BG will be soooo cute dressed as a monkey. I hope you get lots of cute photos.