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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The GREEN post.

I have a friend who likes the color green.  This is the fiber that I asked Ginny of  FatCats to dye, especially for her

I spun it up into this yarn. It's a 2-ply worsted weight merino, 218 yards.

Here is the project bag that I made for her:

I have perfected a few things about these bags, and am very happy with this finished one.  My biggest struggle remains getting the correct type of interfacing.  Sometimes it's not my fault, but the availability of what I can find in the store.  For this bag, both layers of fabric (outside and lining) are interfaced.  Options were very limited in the store - and I decided to buy the less stiff version rather than risk the too stiff - lumpy bumpy result on the first bag that I made.  Not very economical, but I am happy with the outcome, and that's what is most important.

I especially like the lining in this one,

and the little bauble (Its a tiny pink bird ) hanging off the zipper pull.  I am now adding tabs at the zipper ends, which is a very practical addition.  I am using the original proto-type as my own project bag.  I really need to make myself a new and improved one.  Eventually.

I wish I could say that these bags were fun to make.  They might be if I didn't still struggle with the construction.... I need to write out more detailed instructions - that would help, I'm sure.  It's just been so many years since I have sewn anything.  Guess it's not like riding a bike.....

I had to chuckle.....I have a good stock of threads, etc, from the "old days".  The price on this spool of thread is proof of what I speak!

Needless to say, I suffer from sticker shock each time I enter a fabric store.  Also, having to take a number and wait upwards to an hour at the cutting table is something unheard of in the "old days".  LOL....times, they do change.....


Dorothy said...

Your yarn is beautiful and so is the bag - lucky friend! I really do need to make some of those bags. They are so cute. Good idea to add the tabs. I was looking at one I bought and it has tabs. I was wondering why they were there until I realized that every time I zipped it up, I grabbed hold of the tabs!

Rae Lynne said...

Your bag is beautiful! I wish I knew how to sew bags like this. All I make is the flat, cinch project bags. I'm sure I could handle this kind of project though, since I sew a lot.

I also think that fiber and subsequent spun yarn is gorgeous. Another something I'd like to learn!

Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading. :)

~Rae Lynne (raelynne01 on Rav)

Liana said...

Love your spun fiber. The green is beautiful. You've done great with the bag as well. Isn't it fun to play with fiber?

Artseycrafts said...

Beautiful spinning and your bag looks very nice. As Dorothy said, "lucky friend".

Sticker shock at fabric stores is the reason I stopped sewing. I probably have some of the 35 cent thread too - LOL.

Elaine said...

Oh, wouldn't you know that a "green" post would catch my eye! Love that yarn and the bag is so cute too! What a lucky, lucky, friend!! I laughed when I saw your spool of thread as I have lots and lots of those also! I can't even remember the last time I actually sewed something.

Karen said...

Your yarn and bag are stunning. I know just what you mean about the sewing. I just can't seem to love it the way I do knitting. Part of it is the lack of forgiveness. Knitting is so easy to rip and redo. When you make an error sewing the project is ruined.

Anonymous said...

The bag is gorgeous and it matches the yarn! You should consider selling the bags...it is so lovely and very practical...
CUTE mallards on the bottom of the page!