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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Catchn up

Wow - it's been awhile.  Where do the days - weeks go?  So, this will be a catch-up post.

First off, I think we are pretty much over the nasty bug that we all shared.  Hubby was last to get it, but seemed to have a fairly short-lived version, when compared to what both me and my mom endured.  During the first few days of my illness, I managed to break an older dental crown.  Due to coughing, I chose to wait out a couple of weeks before getting dental work started.  YIKES - it's been years since I have had a crown put on, and now I remember how much I hate the process.  I really like my dentist, but just hate being captive and out of control.  I always have those "I want to swallow NOW!!" moments.  And - thanks goodness we have good dental insurance. I was blown away by the cost!!

DH has started planting garden (peas, onions, lettuce, radishes,) and probably more are in the ground.  Due to horrible rains last year, our garden was pretty much a waste.  We are hoping for a better crop this year.  It's a lot of work, for no gain......kind of a downer last  year.

And on the knitting scene, I've been busy.  A pair of plain jane socks were recently completed. I really enjoyed knitting these with my new 2.25mm Signature DPNS.  I am a total fan!

A couple of the gals in my knitting group just purchased the new Signature circulars, and I am anxious to hear how they like them. 

 I completed the Flamboyan shawl by Stephen West.  It's knit out the 2 colors of my handspun, shown in the previous post.  I really like it, now that it's finished.  It looks really nice draped over one shoulder with the ties handing down either side on the other side.  Sorry - no personal modeling shot.  If you could see my hair you would knot why!  LOL  The fence is much better looking than am I!  ;)  It's very soft and drapey fabric, so anyway, color me happy with this one!

And currently, I am nearing the edge of a shawl/shawlette knit out of this handspun:

BG was helping me "thwack" it during the finished process and declared it to be rainbow yarn, so I just had to take a rainbow photo......

I am enjoying knitting with it.  I'm making a Traveling Woman shawlette, starting with the green and ending the bottom edge with the dark wine color.  I would bet my last dollar that I am going to run out of  yarn though.  My yarn meter malfunctioned, so I didn't know what yardage I had.  I added quite a few pattern repeats, as I wanted to use the entire skein of yarn, so.....I'm afraid I misjudged.  Oh well - I will manage to use every yard of this yarn, which was my desire.  I think I will finish the very edge with a bit of Knitpicks Pallette.  I have all those little color samples, if you will remember, so picking out the exact color will be easy.  I think there are a couple of good matches, so I'll be placing a small knitpicks order soon. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable.

And some stash enhancement....

  8oz of IntoTheWhirled Polwarth fiber.  Quercus is the colorway name.  Nice!  My comfort colors.

And for some rainy day, when a little color is needed:

Again, IntoTheWhirled fiber.  This time SW BFL, in "Mandarin" colorway.  This colorway was inspired by a photo of a beautiful Mandarin duck.

So, Happy Spinning, Knitting, Crocheting, Quilting, Sewing, Baking, Gardening, Reading or whatever makes your heart sing.....talk to you later!  (In the reading category, I've recently discovered the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.  Fun escapism!!)


Karen said...

Your shawl and socks are wonderful. Your hand spun yarn is gorgeous.
You're so lucky to have good dental insurance. I just paid a small fortune for 3 cleanings and x-rays. Our insurance is the pits.

Elaine said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love Stephen West's designs. I knit his "Windchief" hat awhile ago. Too bad we didn't get to see a modeled shot. I bet it looks very dramatic! You did a marvelous job, as always! ;o)

I work for a dentist so I feel your pain. I cringe whenever I see the faces of patients as they discover just how much crowns cost, and without insurance, it's painful.

Glad you're on an upswing though. Who wants a cold when it's finally Spring? It is Spring, isn't it?

Dorothy said...

Planting already? We still have another month before we dare put anything in the ground! Glad to hear you're one the mend. We've managed to dodge the bullet this year (knock on wood). Your lovely spinning inspires me to get back to my wheel.

Judy S. said...

Love the way your shawl turned out! What's the yarn in those socks? I LOVE the color! Can't wait to see how the mandarin fiber spins up; it's very pretty.

Liana said...

First....Love the shawl. The colorway is beautiful and your handspun is gorgeous as always.

Second....I'm glad you guys are feeling better. Just in time for spring. We've gone straight to summer it seems, already in the 80's. Argh!

Third....your new fiber acquisitions. I'm drooling, especially at the brightly colored one. I'm heading to Stitches South in 4 days and plan on getting some Polwarth in those bright colors.

BTW, I took the plunge and bought the Hansen Mini-Spinner for my birthday. It arrived this past Friday and I've been a busy bee.

Artseycrafts said...

All of your new projects and fiber are just lovely. It's good everyone is well again and over the "bug".

Can't wait to see your "Traveling Woman" shawl. The Magnolia colorway is just gorgeous.