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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She's alive!!!

Yes....I'm still alive.  I took a little blogging break.  I didn't intend to, just the days flew by.  Guess I just lost my blogging mojo, as they say.  It's been so long, I had to actually look up my password to even log onto this blog.  (Hmmm....is that indicative of the 3 month lapse in posting, or more my ever increasing age???)

A few folks have written me, expressing concern, so I have chatted with a few of you.  Thanks so much....you know who you are.  Friends that I have met thru blogging is why I just really can't give it up.  With fall should come more free time.......

Anyway - Let's see....

Since we last visited, BG has turned 3 years old.  He is also totally potty trained!  YAY!!!!  He'll be going to preschool 3 mornings per week beginning Sept 7th.  I will be a volunteer teacher two mornings per month.  I am pretty excited about that - I think it will be great fun to share this experience with him!!!  He is very excited about starting school, and talks about it all the time.  We both can hardly wait!

Not so excited was he about his first trip to the dentist's office.  There wasn't much dental work being done....not even a look/see!  Nope - Nada!  And she's such a nice dentist!  Everyone had a good laugh over this photo though.  Her assistant snapped it - I presume for his patient record.  Since then he visited chair-side while his mom had her annual exam.  He thought that was quite entertaining.....  Hopefully next visit will be a little more worthwhile!

My hubbs has an injured shoulder.  An MRI produced a laundry list of problems - 4 of which can be (hopefully) surgically repaired.  Now, just talking him into it.....  A similar injury/repair on the other shoulder was not all that successful, so he's just a little gun shy about this entire process.  Eventually.....

Summer is almost over.  The Iowa State Fair is in full swing, which is great fun.  The downside of that is it always co-incides with Sofee's allergies flaring up.  I think it is Ragweed.  Anyway, so it has begun.......

She's sleeping off her antihistamine, and refused to participate in this photo-shoot.  Sorry.

I bought myself a new toy.  It was necessary, as my previous computer, while much loved, was old and just not cutting it anymore.  I felt like the lady in the TV commercial, where they have to set up a computer store in her living room to show her all the new available technology.

I decided that I did not want a lap-top.  But didn't even know there was such a thing as an "All In One".  No tower.  What you see is what you get.  Love it!  I'm still getting used to all the new bells and whistles (touch screen for one), and also the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Element is making my head spin, but dealing....

With my apologies for those of you who may have already seen these next few items on Ravelry,

Here are my latest mittens.  I used two different colorways of FatCatKnits fiber to spin these yarns.  I was quite dubious at first, and nearly frogged them, but I am happy with them upon completion.

I think I like the palm side better than the public side, to tell the truth.

Also, I recently knit "Rock Island" by Jared Flood in a purple colorway and the "Japanese Garden Shawl" by Wendy Johnson.  These will go to my (future) daughter in law for donation to an Alzheimer's charity auction - purple being the official color.

Rock Island was a challenge for me.  Perhaps because I held two strands of very thin lace weight together to knit it.  For whatever reason, I was very glad when it was completed! 

The Japanese Garden Shawl is probably my all time favortie shawl pattern.  Knit out of fingering weight yarn, it was a very fun project.  Again - my apologies to folks have already seen these projects.

This, however, I know no one has seen......  It's the current Stephen West KAL.  And, does it scream 70's???  I had a color block shift dress (for those of you old enough to remember.) that had buttons up the side and on the shoulder.  Oh...those were the days! LOL!

This grandma must be a slow learner.  A little someone asked for another knitted garment.  Yes, I am such a sucker!  At least it's not an intarsia sweater this time!  After reading a book about a "favorite" pair of socks, he asked me to knit him a pair of socks.  I should have gotten that "favorite" part in writing!  So far, he does seem delighted to try them on....

Course, this is my second attempt.  I knit an entire sock, only to discover that his foot has grown more than I realized.  So, I started over.  (Even though he protested, and said it fit just fine!)  LOL.   He picked out the yarn, so perhaps that is part of the appeal.  Kind of screams Halloween to me, but that's ok.....it's coming quickly. 

And, while the computer may be the latest bit of new technology in my house, this library book is not.  But, it works for me. 

I think sticking with old fashioned books - yes the bulky, heavy kind - may be my own silent protest to the changing world!  (I remember my grandma refusing to use her garbage disposal!)  Everyone has their last straw.......vbg.  It's a good book....I'm just hoping for a happy ending. 

Nice talking to you all.  (Assuming I still have a few readers???)   Sorry it's such a long rattle.  It will be shorter (and sooner) next time.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by! 


Dorothy said...

So glad you're back! Yours is one of my favorite blogs. Having worked in a pediatric dental office for 24 years, I had to laugh at BG's dental visit picture. What a hoot, and all too familiar. Just be patient and he'll warm up. Good idea to take him to Mom's visit. The shawls are beautiful. I have Wendy's pattern, but haven't found just the right yarn yet. I, too, just started The Help, but as an audio book. I'm using it to coax me into walking more. I lived in the South in the 60's and some of it is all too familiar. I remember "Colored Only" drinking fountains and went to segregated schools. I'm also hoping for a happy ending, but since so many of my friends have recommended it without reservation, I'm confident it will end well.

Lynn said...

Glad to see you are ok! Yes you've had a lot going on, and sometimes you just need to take a break. Glad you are back. Can't believe he's turned three!!!! Have to laugh at that dentist pic!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogging, Kathy. Grat post with lots of interesting news.

Laura said...

Hi Kathy,

Of course, those of us who just love you and your blog had to make sure you were alive and kickin' but I'm so glad you're back with an update. Really, that's all I do on my blog is a monthly (sometimes even a bit longer) update.

Please give many extra pets for poor Sofee during this pesky time for her.

Your shawls are just beautiful and those mittens are works of art!

Marguerite said...

So glad to see your post today. The picture of BG with his hand over his mouth is just too perfect. I needed a smile this afternoon and pictures of BG almost always provide.

The knitting is all beautiful, as always. Wish I knew someone who would wear a Japanese Garden Shawl. It looks like an interesting knit and the results are gorgeous.

Three is such a wonderful age. Enjoy! I remember Kimmy at that age - questions, questions, questions and you never knew what she was going to ask. It was amazing how her little mind worked trying to figure out the world.

Liana said...

Yipppeeeeeeeee.....you're back in blog land. I have truly missed it. Ravelry can only show your projects, it can't tell us what's going on in your life.

BG is growing so fast and it just proves to me that life is just passing by so quickly. The part time teaching sounds fun and right up your alley.

The Help was one of my favorite books last year. I listened to it on my mp3 player and the readers they had playing the different parts was fabulous. I'm hesitant to go see the movie because I enjoyed the book soooooo much, but time will tell on whether I'll get to the theater. Enjoy the book!!

Robin said...

Glad you are okay. I thought one day I really needed to make sure you were okay and then I forgot to send you a message on Ravelry. I am excited to see what you knit up next.

KnittySue said...

So glad your back I missed you...Love the new computer, that is awesome, didn't know they did an all in one. I just read Pillars of the Earth in 3 days..yup almost all the 973 pages (I skip the gore and well you know..those parts)I'm reading alot from the library too. I have a Nook but I read so fast it would get too pricy. LOVE the shawls..you inspire me to start one with lesser detail of course but to start using up some of the thin yarn mom gave me.
So Glad your back.