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Friday, September 02, 2011

As summer is winding down....

I had not thought of posting a photo from the garden, but when I went out to pick a jalapeno pepper to add to the cornbread this afternoon, I spied this tomato plant, and just had to take a photo....
Not all of them can be seen from any one direction, but there was a total of 15 ripe tomatoes on this one vine.  The plant itself is past it's prime, but oh.....those tomatoes certainly are tasty!  It's been a very good year for the garden.  Last year, with so much early rain, it was very poor indeed.  I don't think my husband has ever had such a sorry garden as the one last year.  So....we are overly appreciative of a good season this year.

Each year, I set out houseplants that are on their way out - giving them one last chance at a happy life.  Two of them have indeed had a happy summer, and hopefully will continue to thrive when I move them inside come fall.

This Hoya plant, I purchased at a greenhouse, but soon came to realize that I had also paid for spider mites.  YIKES!  I fought them, but the plant never flourished.  It was sad and unhappy.  But, look at it now.

I am so pleased!  I hope it will bloom eventually.  I have another Hoya, which is very happy and thrives in it's window setting, but rarely (as in once) has it ever bloomed.  Hopefully this one will bloom and they can start competing with one another.......  we'll be talking about that anyway!

And this Rosary Vine  - well, I dropped the pot, and it all broke off from the ball of dirt.  Literally - ball of dirt, strands of plant - held in separate hands.  I was so sad.  So - I planted all of the little bulbs that I could find, and tried to salvage as much as I could, but it wasn't looking good.  But.....look at it now!

Such a happy plant!!!!  Again - I am thrilled!  I also stuck a couple orchids out, but sadly it was not a wise decision.  Not looking good for the orchid......:( 

And now a question that perhaps someone can help answer.  We have a Red Oak tree that is probably about 25 yrs old in our far back yard.

Notice the clusters of dead leaves?  Some Internet research suggests that it is Cicadia damage.  Oak Wilt does not have those symptoms.  We do have lots of Cicadia around.  Luckily, we also have lots of Cicadia Killers too.  I used to dislike the Cicadia Killers, as they are pretty ominous looking, but guess I should welcome them to our yard!  We are hoping that the tree will be ok. 

No knitting or spinning content in this post.  Soon - in a couple of days I should have some mittens to share with you.

Hope everyone has a nice (and safe) Holiday weekend.  BG starts his preschool next week.  Guess Labor Day marks the (unofficial) end of summer.  Seems the seasons roll by so quickly anymore........


Jean said...

Read your previous post on Sofee, cooler weather is coming soon and I'm sure it can't come quick enough for her. I've started spinning too, love the colors on that batt, also doing some spindling. I am a real beginner, and get to take a class with Judith McKenzie, hope I'm up to it. I'll enjoy just listening to her. Can't wait to see your yarn.

Dorothy said...

Love, love, love those tomatoes. We have dozens of tomatoes, but they are all still green. We still have enough time for some to ripen, but not all. Fried green tomatoes, anyone?

Judy S. said...

Your tomatoes look so delicious, Kathy. We just can't grow them here. Let your hoya get root bound and give it some fertilizer. They seem to need a lot of light indoors but should bloom eventually. They always rebloom at the same spot, so don't remove the little stem when the flowers die. (I always cut the flowers off after they open because DH detests their odor.... I'm not keen on it either, very sicky sweet at night.)

Artseycrafts said...

Those tomatos look delicious! Mine did well too this year but the mockingbirds and cardinals get to them before I do.

I never knew that cicadas caused leaf damage but now I know. We have noticed lots of dead ones lately but haven't seen the killer wasps. Hopefully your tree will be okay! Ours are beginning to have brown leaves too but from the extreme drought in our region.