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Monday, October 24, 2011

Blink....and 2 weeks fly!

Times flies....seems the older I get the faster it travels.  Hmmm- perhaps not a good situation!  So, to get you caught up on what's been going on...... 

First off, the Hubbs had his shoulder surgery, and everything is going according to the plan.  Rehab will start soon, I am sure.  He has a road yet to travel, but hopefully he'll not encounter too many bumps along the way.

Fall has finally come to stay here in Iowa.  It's fresh and crisp and lovely!  My favorite time of the year.  It comes, of course, with it's special chores.....not the least of which is late fall garden work. 

This year we had an extra good helper!  Digging up those potatoes is a childhood memory of mine.  I helped my dad when I was about his age.  I still get a little burst of excitement when the shovel of dirt is overturned and you see....just how many 'taters are hiding under the surface!  And of course, makes for good eating.  BG likes baked potatoes.  And, "Grammy" (as I am now called) appreciates a quick last minute (microwave) food that he will usually eat.....as he gets pickier and pickier about what he eats.  Sigh....we knew it wouldn't last.

I brought in my Christmas Cactus after the first light frost.  It's loaded with small buds, and I am sooooo hoping that they will mature and make lovely blooms.  Several years ago, I discovered that if I left the plant out in the yard till right after the first light frost, it would set on buds and be gorgeous in a few weeks.  Prior to that discovery, my plants rarely bloomed.  Those smarter that me will probably know the reason why this works.....I'm just happy to have accidently discovered it!  The blossoms are usually long gone my Christmas, but early is better than no blooms at all.
And, while most of my outdoor plants are gone now, this begonia has decided to show one last burst of beauty!  It's actually prettier now than it was this summer.  It has survived a couple of light frosts - and just keeps on showing off.

You can see in the background, this pretty tree.  Of course, under all those gorgeous red branches are piles of equally pretty leaves waiting to be raked!
I have been spinning up a storm the last couple of weeks.  I discovered that I had quite a nice collection of reds and browns in the fiber stash.  So, I have been spinning them up into worsted weight yarns.  No real plan at this point, just spinning for the sheer pleasure of it.  Three of these have been in my stash for over a year (or two?).  I say no more.....

 And on the knitting front.... I knit a hat for my mom out of a skein of left over Berroco Vintage in dark heather brown.  I failed to photograph it, however, so my apologies.  She liked it and I offered to knit her a pair of matching gloves. 
 Here is the first glove, finished except I left yarns hanging on the fingertips so that if I need to adjust the length, I can.  I really like the pattern, and plan to make several as gifts for the Holidays.  These mom will receive as soon as they are done, but she just might be receiving a dark green set for Christmas. 

 So, I leave you with my latest dilemma. The new kitchen appliances are in, the new countertops are in, the new windows are in, the new window coverings are up, and now.....the kitchen flooring is the next decision I must make.  The Hubbs is pretty much "whatever you want".  Hmmm...if only I knew. 

 The process was started this weekend.  Again - new options and new materials available that I knew nothing about!  Six samples came home with us.  I think each of these have been on the "that's the one" list.....till the next one took it's place.  Oh dear!  I am so glad we are not building a new house from scratch again.  I'm sure we'd never live long enough to see it to completion.  Each decision is taking such a long time.  On the good side though - we are overwhelmingly pleased with each of the decisions we have made, so, perhaps it pays to take your time....and time....and lots of time! 


Dorothy said...

Well, you've certainly been busy in the past two weeks! I think I can offer some hint about the cactus. It's not the temperature. Mine stay inside all year (in the sunroom) and they bloom like crazy! It's the light. They must get a certain amount of darkness to trigger the bloom. If you're keeping them inside in a lighted room, they may not get enough dark. We are at a high latitude and it starts getting dark very early this time of year. Because the plants are in an unlit sunroom, they get the right amount of darkness. In fact, I often get two bloomings each year - one around Halloween and the next around Easter. I think that's because the amount of daylight at those times of year is the same.

Luni said...

On the cactus, I agree with the previous comment--they don't need to be outside. If I hadn't left mine outside, I'd still have it. The deer ate mine to the nubs!
On the floor, I put in a floor similar to that 10 years ago. I realize what you have is greatly improved, but nothing lasts forever. I was surprised to see that mine now shows the same wear paths as older carpet--those dark strips where the foot traffic is the heaviest. They don't wash off, either, not even with ammonia and scrubbing. That's why I say the darker the better. Pick something that won't show the dirt and wear.

Artseycrafts said...

Your Red Maple is gorgeous and one of my favorite Fall trees. I am still waiting for mine to change colors.

I see that Grant helped dig the potatos. He will probably enjoy eating them more than usual since he helped.

Beautiful mittens and yarn. You've been busy!

Robin said...

Can we see a picture of the rest of the kitchen, I am always trying to make things match or go together. I think if you have a lighter airy kitchen you should go with a lighter color or if it is a darker kitchen go with the dark. I like the center one on the top and bottom.

Judy S. said...

Decisions, eh? You never know how many till you've been through it. We still have the light fixtures to go..... We went with the snap-in flooring (fake wood) and like it. Decided against tile because we tend to drop stuff.... Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll be happy! We did put tile in the garden window, and it's great! To get my Christmas cactii to bloom, I just alter the watering cycle for a month. Love those gloves! How difficult is it to do the fingers? Love your spinning too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fall pictures! Please show a picture of the cactus when it's in full bloom. What is the pattern you're using for the gloves? Your homespun is inspiring me to get back to my wheel.
I put in Armstrong vinyl tile this summer very similar to the top center one you show. We ranch and I needed something that wouldn't show everything and so far I love it. It's in the kitchen (with oak cabinets), entryway and a bathroom. Good luck making your decision! Linda MTknitter on Ravelry

charice ford said...
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