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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

There and back again....

Since last I posted, we have been:
Here and back again.  "Here" is a cabin at Blue Bell Lodge in South Dakota - smack dab in the middle of Custer State Park.  Yep, that's where you could find us this same week last year too.  Good things deserve to be repeated sometimes. All the "good" photos are in the hubb's camera, so I'll get more posted soon.  Just thought I'd let you know why I've been MIA for the last couple of weeks.

We are home now, and back to real life.  I managed to get lots of knitting done while riding in the car, and setting on that front porch up there.  Ahhh......  total relaxation.  Some of these projects may have been viewed on Ravelry, so sorry for the redundancy if that is the case.
Fist up is the pair of mittens inspired by the photo I took of Bergen, Norway.  When I saw the pattern, it reminded me so of the photo I had taken from our room balcony.....I knew I would eventually knit a pair for myself.
 This will be the back or public side of the mittens.  I really like this building design!
I chose to make this the palm side of the mittens.

The pattern was basically just a chart, so I chose to do a hem bottom with the braid detail.  I really like that touch on the bottom of mittens.

Next up is a simple shawl - great car knitting on large needles. 

This is the pattern "Faraway, so Close".  The yarn is handspun, 2 4oz braids spun into a 2-ply worsted weight yarn.  It was really fun and quick.  I made the larger size, and I really like how it comes way down on my arms.  I may well make another of these.  Perhaps for my mom. 

Next is a pair of plain jane socks knit out of Knitpicks Stroll Tonal in the "Parchement" colorway.  They were originally going to be for me, but they may be gifted at Christmas.  I think they came out very nice, and the intended recipient is very much into similar colors as I like.  I think they will be well received.  Yikes.....there's that "C" word again!! 

Lastly, and currently, I am working on a new sweater for one little doggie!
She was not thrilled with her fitting session, as I had to wake her from a deep sleep.  But she went back to snoozing immediately, so worry not!  She wore the makeshift long sleeved sweater (from the previous post) while we were on vacation.......she deserves a nice new pretty one - in colors more complimentary to her coloring.  This will be long sleeved and long bodied. 

So - that's got things caught back up.  BG's preschool class is walking to the local fire station this Friday.  It's a couple of blocks, and crossing a busy street, so guess who's going along as a volunteer???  LOL - yep, you betcha!  They asked for enough adults to go so that they had one adult for every 2 preschoolers - one on each hand.  I'm for that system!  Call me overprotective.......

More on the vacation later.  It was kind of a strange blend of bliss and adrenaline runs.  We had phantom idiot lights going off on our dash, a flat tire, and then there was a little "run in" with a big buck deer.  Sigh..... but all's well that ends well, and it did. 

DH has surgery scheduled for next week.  Shoulder surgery.  He received his cardiac clearance, so I guess it's a "go".  We expect things to go well. 

Keep on aknittin......  later - k


Dorothy said...

That little cabin looks like heaven! I could easily join you there and peacefully knit away. All of your projects are gorgeous (as usual). And I don't think you are being at all over proctective! Preschoolers can move SO quickly. Two to one is perfectly reasonable.

Lynn said...

I love your plain jane socks. What pattern did you use? It doesn't look like a regular vanilla pattern.

And sofee looks so cute in her sweater! LOVE the colors in it, it matches her perfectly!

Sherri said...

Heyyyy....remember me? I haven't been here for ages. I've been thinking about you so I had to come visit. How funny that I discovered the Faraway, So Close shawl the other day and spent a long time looking at them on Ravelry.
I'm trying to get back into knitting...haven't been able to for over a year because I lost my fingernails during chemo and even though they are back they do not feel normal. I'm trying to get my knitting mojo back, though.
I have 3 grandkids now!!! Loving every minute of it. I'll try to get caught up with you soon, but so nice to see your knitting again, it's inspiring!

Erica said...

That cabin does look dreamy! I'll have to get the particulars from you at Knit Night some week...

Great line up of FO's, too :D

Judy S. said...

Welcome home, Kathy! Looks like you got a lot of knitting accomplished while you were away; I really love the shawl. And that's a nice color on the socks! Your color work is laways amazing ~ wish I could watch you do it! I wonder whether your car passed my sister's car as they were in the same area around then. BTW I think 1 for 2 is a good idea! Have fun on the walk.

KnittySue said...

I don't know what I like most..the simplicity and color of the socks of those knock out mittens and shawl. They are all lovely and the peaceful cabin...bliss. Glad your home..hope DH surgery goes well.

Laura said...

Ahhhhh....Sofeesu looks so cute in her sweater and such a dear little patient doggie. Which pattern do you use for her sweaters, Kathy, since my son has a chihuahua named Mojo, so I'd like to knit one for him and he's about Sofee's size?