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Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, forget that "perfect" comment in the previous post regarding the oven mitt.  When compared to the red mitt (the 2nd of the pair) it became apparent that it was far from perfect.  So....I knit another blue one without the multiple errors in the original, and now, this pair makes me happy!
I knit the blue one on a road trip to New Mexico.  We went to Albuquerque to visit our son and his fiance (the recipient of the oven mitts).  We had a wonderful trip, visit, touristy activities, and Thanksgiving dinner!  I guess it was just about "Perfect", only as always, it was too short of a visit.  We don't get to see the "kids" that often.  They are both rock climbers, and the rugged SW terrain fits their adventurous souls quite nicely.  They seem very happy and content in their surroundings......a newly purchased and remodeled home. It was a real treat for me to see their home, and where he works, etc....  It brings a real sense of calm knowing that your child (all grown up as he is) is in a good place in his life.  Nice!.... but, I digress.....

Sofee went with us, and tried her climbing skills.  (She chose to be carried during most of the hiking that we did).  She also tried out  SW cuisine as she tore into a Green Chili Subway sandwich during a rest stop.  Bad Doggie!!!!  Luckily she did not have a tummy problem.  Guess genetically she can handle it.  ;)
We were gifted with a hot air balloon ride!  While I have experienced a few helicopter rides in the past (and have NOT enjoyed them) the hot air balloon was a great deal of fun!  For about an hour and a half, we floated above the Rio Grand River.  This photo shows our balloon in the final stages of  the inflation process, and from the basket looking up!

And the views:

As I said, it was a great trip.  It was a long trip, 2 days each way, but well worth it.  It helps that the Hubbs and I enjoy road trips.  But...getting home is always nice too.  Now that the unpacking is complete, and the laundry is caught up, I now realize that December 1st is two days away!!!!!  YIKES.....back to that Advent Calender! 

Sniff....Sniff....  I miss him already!


Judy S. said...

Those oven mitts look very handy! What kind of yarn did you use? ALBQ. is a nice place to visit. My folks retired there. Great hot air balloon photos, you brave thing you! BTW, looks like your dog is lying on a Lightning McQueen blanket? My littlest GS LOVES Lighting McQ.

Dorothy said...

What a lovely visit. So glad you had such a nice time with your son and his fiancee. I know exactly what you mean about the comfort in knowing that your child has found his way in life. Just the thought of that balloon ride made my stomach lurch. I think I'll just live vicariously through you!

Lynn said...

Those mitts are great!!!! And you are a brave woman!! There isnt enough money in the world to get me on a hot air balloon!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice trip you had. The photos are gorgeous but I too would never have ridden in the hot air baloon. I have a fear of heights in open areas.

The oven mitts turned out nicely. Now you should knit some for ourself.