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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going with the plan....

If it's Sunday, it's my blog update day.  Seems like a nice time for me to reflect on my knitting week.

Oh - and a thanks to those of you who have written about the Yellow cardinal.  I invested in some VERY premium bird seed - and he's pretty happy out there.  Probably not as happy as the herd of squirrels, but that's another story.  I'm still hoping to get a better photo of him, and I'll post it if it happens.  

As for the knitting - seems not too much has been accomplished. 

The mittens are finished.  Now I remember how fiddly this manner of construction is.  And the instructions are somewhat lacking....IMO, as they say.  But, it is rewarding to have them 100% completed once you do the bind off.  Sewing in a few ends around the thumb area is all that is needed.  If you follow the book, you make the thumb top down first, and then set it aside.  Knit the mittens top down, and at a certain point, you do a 3-needle bind off to attach the thumb.  Then complete the mitten from the thumb down.  It works.  And again, the 2nd mitten was easier for me than the first, as I had already learned from a couple mistakes I made on the first one.   If I knit another pair soon, I'll do it this way again.  All my questions (and answers) are fresh in my mind.

I actually think I may like the back better than the front.  A pair with all over pattern would be nice to have....  Hmmm....so much knitting bounces around in my head.  I'll never live long enough to complete half of it, I'm sure!

One thing I did accomplish this week - yesterday actually - was I purchased a Christmas tree.  And this in the hopes of fulfilling the need for the tree to smell like a tree:

The tree I bought is pretty - or was in the store anyway.  Really looks pretty realistic.  I do have some concerns that the strength of the branches will be inadequate for some of my decorations, but it was the best tree that I could find.  I really struggled with the decision.  I bought it in a local garden center - paying more than I had hoped to, but not nearly what I would have paid had I bought that one online.  I think it's a nice, good quality tree.  I'm trying not to stress about the ornaments...... I won't know till I put it up after the first of December.  The proprietor of the shop told me I could always bring it back if I didn't like it.  She would have said ANYTHING in an effort to help me make a decision and get me out of her store!  (I think I looked at every artificial Christmas tree in the greater Des Moines area yesterday - some twice!)  So, decision made....deed done.  And, I'm living with it. Sigh...

And another thing about Christmas....why is it that it seems most every year, I plan to NOT knit any gifts for people, but then at the last minute I change my mind.  Yep - guess it's just a Holiday Tradition.

  (have I ever mentioned that I keep swatches and use them as coasters?)  

I cast on a pair of socks this morning, and made a list of things I want to knit/and or make before Christmas.  Can I blame my mom, as she was always so appreciative of hand-made gifts when I was a little girl??  I still remember that lop-sided "jewelry dish" that came home from - must have been kindergarten.  She loved that thing....   Opps....I better hush.  She was NOT on the list.  Or, perhaps, where is that list........????? 

Have a good week.  Buy only "real" fake trees, and keep your project list short.


Judy S. said...

I'd say you accomplished a whole lot; those mittens are beautiful! Love the pattern, both sides. Looks like you have some Opal fairies and elves? I love that stuff! Sure know what you mean about last minute projects........

17th stitch said...

The mittens are gorgeous! Can't wait until I get to start my own pair... any hints for the new-to-top-down mitten knitter?