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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seems I'm in a rut.....

I just realized that updating my blog has become a regular Sunday activity for me.  Well, it seems to be working pretty well, so although it was unintentional, I'll continue with the rhythm.

I've have one FO to share with you this week:
It's The Japanese Garden Shawl by Wendy Johnson.  It's the 3rd time that I have knit this pattern, although it's been so long ago, I had forgotten why I liked it so much.  It's started on the outer edge and knit inward, so each round is shorter.  Flys right along!
Due to some sudden rain, the photo shoot moved inside.....with lesser color results.  The yarn is in the "Embers" colorway, a 3-ply 100% Merino sock yarn by MarigoldJen.  Very nice to work with.  The lace work stayed quite hidden while I was working on it, but once blocked, it opened out and is beautiful in this slightly variegated yarn. 

On the wheel, I've spun this Candy Cane yarn!  Each skein is 2oz.  The red is Polwarth and the undyed is BFL.  I don't think there will be an issue knitting them together in colorwork.

While it may be gifted at Christmas, it will be in the form of these mittens, rather than a candy cane.

When twisted together, though, it was one more reminder of how quickly the holidays are approaching.  (and why I had planned no holiday knitting!)

This pattern is from this book:

While the construction of these mittens were kind of "upside down" (literally), I love the end product, and have worn these quite a lot.  I have a friend who admires them often, so if the final fit is a match, they will be hers!  The book has gorgeous patterns, and yet relatively few have been knit according to Ravelry.  Perhaps the odd construction puts people off. 

And, speaking of Ravelry, it came to my rescue (again) last week.  In last week's post I mentioned the jewelry kit, and the fact that the yarn had a splice in it that was too large for the beads to pass over, so I had to break the yarn.  I feared I would not have enough to finish the project.

Well, I found the designer thru Ravelry, and a quick PM chat with her brought a new little mini skein of yarn to my mailbox!  Can't ask for better customer service!   Several have mentioned that I should not string the beads on the yarn, rather use the crochet hook method....and I'm going to try to do just that, but I think the placement of the bead on the yarn needs to be that way for this particular design.  I'm going to play around with it though, before I start with my new yarn.  Thanks for the suggestions!

I have also been doing online artifical Christmas tree investigation this week.  Sadly, this year I am giving in and going to purchase an artificial tree.  Up until last year, we have always managed to cut a tree down at the tree farm.  Last year, the hubs was recooping from shoulder surgery, and was physicaly unable to do the job.  Coordinating with our SIL didn't work, and I believe a bad snow storm was in the mix too.  Anyway, we didn't have a tree at all last year.  I was sad!  VERY sad!  So...this year,  the hubs is recooping from another shoulder surgery.  Physically unable to throw a heavy Christmas tree around.  I hate imposing on the kids.  Also, I think Sofee had quicker relief from her allergies with the absence of the tree in the house.  So..... yep...... gonna do it.  Sadly.... but it's better than no tree, and if I can releive Sofee's discomfort, even a little.  I'll just have to buck up!
Online, I have been discovering the options.  I found the tree I want!  Now, I just have to find the one that I can afford!

Enjoy your week, and I'll be back next Sunday.  (probably anyway).


Judy S. said...

Your shawl is beautiful, Kathy! I love the yarn, and thanks to you, just got some from her. And thanks, too, for the reminder that I need to finish my shawl with that pattern. Those mittens are going to be beautiful. Enjoy your day!

17th stitch said...

I have that mitten book! And nobody else in my knitting group has even heard of it!?! I think it somehow didn't get the publicity it deserved when it was first published.

I'm about to start those mittens in a green multi and cream... yours look lovely. So glad to hear that they fit well, too.

Marguerite said...

Beautiful shawl. And I love that mitten pattern. Someday I's going to learn to do that kind of color work. Until then I'll admire yours.

Had no idea there were Christmas trees that cost that much money.

Missouristar said...

Love the shawl. It's always a good recommendation when knitters knit a design more than once. And the mittens are so beautiful. I so admire the stunning mittens you and Pat make, but it just doesn't get cold enough around here to wear them that much. I, too, was a hold out for am artificial tree, but my husband, the fire inspector, finally persuaded me. They are so much safer. This year we'll have one that has the lights already strung! That will be nice.

iowagirl said...

Your shawl is drop-dead gorgeous. Have added it to my list of "must have" projects.