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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Moving right along......

First, I want to thank those of you who wrote with comforting thoughts that life post full-time BG would be just fine!  Yes, the adjustment period is progressing well.  The train table, trains and castles (complete with all battle-gear!) were moved to his house.  And, my room is becoming a little more "mine", although there is still a sizable stash of toys in this room.

He will always have toys here - and a place to sleep, as with any normal "granma's" house.  I often think about what one friend told me when I originally mentioned that I was going to be his full time daycare.  She said she would never do that, as she didn't want to be "the babysitter", opting to be "Grandma" instead.  I think it's worked well for us, but perhaps there is some wisdom in her words.   

Secondly, the sweater is finished, although (obviously) not blocked.  It was fun, and as usual, I totally enjoyed knitting with my handspun.  Nothing better!  I have more than half of the yarn left, so another "spicy pumpkin" sweater will be knit eventually. 

I like it - at least I plan to - after it's blocked.  The front needs to relax and drape better, but many people have posted their concern at this point, and how the blocking process changed it dramatically.  So....I need to do that final step.  It's going to take a good long while to dry, however, which is why I am procrastinating.

I needed a more portable project, so I started a pair of self-striping socks a week or so ago.  Should have them finished soon.  Does anyone else see "Brach's Neopolitan Candy" in these?  Minus the green stripe, but my mind keeps traveling there......

 I like them, although there have been some challenges with the yarn.  It appears in the dyeing process, a few loops of yarn meant to be in the dark brown dye did not manage to jump in, so I've had a few random lengths of white, undyed yarn popping up where it is not invited!.  There have been several places where I have had to "cut and paste" the yarn together.  Not fun.  But, the dyer is human, and you know what they say about those pesky humans!!! 

Another portable project may be knitting these skeins up.  Sport weight "Gales Art" Merino.  Really nice yarns.  275yds/130yds,

I received them in a blog give-away, and feel that I should knit them, rather than stash them.  Not sure what pattern, but think I have settled on this.  If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd appreciate the help.  The color runs in the variegated are short, so they should not stripe, although sometimes short ones pile up into a striping affect too.  We'll see.  They will be bright and happy if nothing else.
Another fiber day is on my calender for this Thursday.  A "sit and spin" in my living room with a like-minded friend.  Should be fun!   But...I need to figure out what my next spinning project will be.  I have several colorwork mittens in my mental que to knit, so I will probably spin for those.  

And last, I leave you with a BG giggle.  This week I brought BG home from preschool on Friday, and we had a "sleep-over" Friday night.  (A fun time was had by all!)  He seems quite happy with the new arrangement of staying home with mom, but I did have to laugh out loud when on the way home, he was "ordering" his normal lunch time foods.  All his favorite.....  And when I assured him we had the fridge/freezer stocked as normal, he told me all his mom would feed him for lunch was BROCCOLI!  and "I HATE broccoli".  He is a corker!  Of course, later that evening while we were ordering dinner at a restaurant, Granpa (who had heard the Broccoli story earlier in the day) had to suggest that BG order Broccoli as the side with his meal.  And of course, grandpa was rewarded with the response he was hoping for!  Guess they are both corkers!!!

Have a good weekend, and enjoy your own giggles of life.......


KnittySue said...

Oh your room looks so cozy and inviting. Love the sock yarn colors..you always have the greatest colored socks. My favs are done in your pattern with the donated sock yarn...warm and toasty feet!
It takes some time to get used to a new routine...mine lived with me 2 years then moved to their own place ...yup it definately takes time.

Judy S. said...

Your new sweater looks warm and cozy! Love the socks, too. Great colors.