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Sunday, January 06, 2013

The call was heard......

The MoJo is back!   Course, modern medicine and strong antibiotics may have had something to do with it.  I'm feeling much better now - and have a desire to actually DO something!  Thankfully so!
I started The Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fetig.  I've been eyeing this pattern for quite some time.  It seemed to be a perfect match - easy, comfy sweater for easy, comfy handspun. 

Not to mention my gauge was spot on.  That always helps me move ahead with a project.....   I am almost done with the body.
I think I have about 1/3 inch of ribbing on the bottom yet to finish.  Then picking up all along the front and neck edges.  Mindless knitting, and it would be terribly boring, but I enjoy knitting with handspun so much, the color movement keeps me quite entertained.  I think I've mentioned before that I am easily entertained.
I'm loving the fabric I'm getting.  The color?  probably somewhere between these two colors.  The bottom fabric shot is under artificial lights, which distorts the color, but the top photos aren't quite right either - it's not that pink.  Trust me, it's pretty, and I like it!

I am so enjoying using my new Chiagoo interchangeable needles.  While this is my first project, and perhaps the final verdict should still be out, so far, I'm extremely happy with them - in every way! 

I'd like to share a new (to me) bind-off with you.  I ran across it somewhere online, and it was so simple, I failed to save the source, so I apoligise that I cannot give credit due.  Anyway, here are a few shots, and hopefully an explanation that makes sense.

You bind off two stitches on your right hand needle, as normal, by passing the right-most one over the left-most stitch.  But instead of dropping the stitch that you passed over, leave it on your left needle.
Then work the next stitch (from your left needle) as normal, but when you pull the stitch thru, drop the passed stitch from your needle along with the one you just worked.
Then repeat with the passing over, retaining, and working the next stitches across the entire edge.  Hope that makes sense???  It creates a nice stretchy bind-off that resembles a normal bind-off very closely.  Just a tad bit stretchier.  Obviously, I was working on my sweater, just to show you and was not actually binding off, but I do plan on trying it out soon.  It's incredibly easy, and gives just a little bit more give.  I think it would eliminate the need to bind-off with a bigger size of needle.

Sofee and I are home alone today.  The house was chilly, and I put my big fluffy fleece robe on. This has been my view all morning.
Not sure which one of us is more content.

This little gadget provided the entertainment for my early morning knitting.
DD and SIL gave us a Roku for Christmas.  I'm enjoying my video podcasts on the "big screen" now, rather than my computer screen (although it's pretty big too, now that I think of it.)  I've gotten all caught up on Downton Abbey too, so I'm ready for the new season to begin this evening.  I may forgo knitting though, as it's such a beautiful show.....hate to miss any of the details.

Our New Mexico kids are into making soaps!
 I have a little stack of handknit washcloths on display on a bathroom shelf.  I think I'll order some Cotlin dk yarns from Knitpicks and knit some cloths to send their way.  Perhaps for their use, or to give with their soaps.  I know they are stocking up their friends with soaps right now.  Apparently they make them in 30+ bars at a time.  I'm hoping more will come our way!  I love handmade soaps, but do have problems using them, as I hate to have them eventually disappear.  These are extra special too..... 

This week, I have a fun fiber day planned for Tuesday.  A friend and I are going to a spinner/weaver's guild meeting, lunch, and hitting the yarn shop.  Anyone find that strange???  More of an explanation of that next week.

Till then - hope all your projects are fun and successful.  Oh - I had a great one last weekend.  I actually got the Christmas tree back in it's box!
And they said it couldn't be done!!!! 

OH!  One more thing......has anyone heard of the new "8-hr diet" that is all the rage on the talk shows.  Theory is that you can eat whatever you want, as long as it's within an 8 hour window.  So, I decided to give it a try.  I'm not a big breakfast eater, and seldom eat early in the day, or late in the day.  So, for me it sounds pretty easy.  My window will be 10am to 6pm.  Since I've been up since 4am, and it's now 10:15......  well, I think I'll go have a snack.  Needless to say, black coffee is "allowed" outside of the window time.  I couldn't do without my coffee.  I'll keep you posted on how this works for me.

Take care, and I'll be back next week.  k



Liana said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better!
Your handspun and the resulting sweater looks absolutely gorgeous. The color of your sweater on my computer looks like an apricot or light rust color. It's really pretty. Can't wait to hear about this 8 hr diet. Sounds interesting.

Missouristar said...

So glad you are feeling better. Your handspun is so gorgeous! It inspires me to maybe get back to spinning again. I had just about decided to sell my wheel, but maybe I'll,give it another try. We are all set for Downtom Abbey to start again too!

Katnitsox said...

Can't wait until Tuesday! We will have a blast! Love the hand spun sweater. Hope to see it in person and Sofee too!!!

Judy S. said...

Wish I'd had that cast off last week when I was finishing a side-to-side cowl and struggling with the bind off! Your sweater is going to be lovely. Nice progress and glad to hear you're on the mend. At the moment I'm working like crazy on "your" monster pattern..eek, all those ends, or did you knit them in? (Due this weekend.....) Have fun tomorrow on your shopping expedition!

Kathy said...

I'm on the second week of the 8 hr. diet~ Heard about it on the Today Show on New Year's Day, and thought, 'that sounds like the plan for me!". I lost 5.4 pounds the first week. I've truly eaten what I wanted during the eight hours and I do not feel like I am 'missing out' on anything, as I've often felt with other diet plans. I am trying hard to do as the author suggested and get in all the basic food groups every day, and not go nuts with portion sizes. I've got a long, LONG way to go, but I'm thinking this may be the answer for me! Hope you find it as easy and promising as I have!

Karen said...

Hi Kathy - Glad you're feeling better! Love your sweater - I don't seem to be making much headway on my "Piper's Journey" shawl. Very long rows of garter stitch. I just started weight watchers (again!). I think I could do a LOT of damage in 8 hours. Come to think of it, with a package of Oreo's I could so a lot of damage in a half hour! Cheers!