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Friday, June 14, 2013

All's well....

A week later, and Sofee is doing well.  She has developed a "hot spot" on her hip that is somewhat concerning.  I'm treating it, as I have in the past.  She has a post-dental check soon, so if possible, I'll wait and have it looked at then.  She's still on antibiotics and anti-inflammatorys, so she is eating frequent, small meals....she loves that!.  She is taking daily walks and getting her strength and energy built back up.  But of course, she's a couch potato at heart, so she continues to snooze a great deal!

As for spinning, I completed the spinning of the individual colors for the mitten kal. 
It's a mystery kal that starts on July 1st, and I must admit, I am anxious to get started with them.  If you will remember, I tore up this braid of fiber and spun the individual colors.
The exception is the natural yarn on the left - that is variegated BFL fiber.  All of these are traditional 3-ply yarns, spun on my Matchless spinning wheel, and plied on my Lendrum.  I like that combination of wheel usage.  Reason to keep them both around and near by!

Speaking of KAL's the 3rd clue of Wendy Johnson's Summer Shawl KAL will be out in a few hours.  I JUST completed the 2nd clue:
I'm really enjoying this project.  I may knit this again, in a dark purple and send to my New Mexico kids.  They received a nice sum of money for the other shawls I sent for their silent auction for the Alzheimer's association.  I don't remember the dollar amount right now, but I do know it was a good amount.  Made me happy!

And, who has green feet?  Hmmmm.....perhaps a tooth monster?
 Yep, here he is just lounging around.  I thought perhaps I would allow him to go toothless, but when I took a vote at my local knitting group, all the ladies thought he did indeed need a tooth - at least one.
 So, he has one.  And one is enough!  That was the hardest part of this guy....sewing on that tooth! The pattern called for glue, but I didn't like the sound of that, so sewing it was!
 I added a nose too, which was absent in the original pattern. I also emphasized his mouth with a row of black stitches.  Other than that, I think I followed the pattern spot on.  Which, btw, is by Rebecca Danger. I used a double strand of handspun, and didn't worry about gauge.  I just wanted a thick fabric that would not allow the fiber-fill to show through.
I put a tooth pocket on his backside.  I'm pretty happy with him.  Hope BG likes him.  2 weeks from today is his birthday, so I'll know soon.

We continue to get lots of rain, and relatively cool weather.  The garden is thriving like no other year that I can remember.  And the grass is rebounding nicely from last years drought.  I must admit that I love this weather.  As do the roses
I had a hybrid T-rose that reverted back to the natural, wild rose stage.  We were going to dig it up, but it's actually very pretty and I have enjoyed it so much this year.  I'm glad we kept it.

Enjoy the weekend.....hug your dad on Father's day, or think kind thoughts of him.  I think of mine often.  :)  k


Katluvsox said...

It was nice talking to you at the wool festival.

Monika said...

I'm so glad Sofee is doing so well! Isn't allergy season bothering her this year?
Nicely spun yarn. I LOVE your tooth monster. I have the book, and I will be making this some day too. I love your mods, and YES! Green feet are wonderful! :o)

Erica said...

Love your toothy monster! I am very excited to see how your braid-splitting experiment is coming along; I may have to try something like this with some of the braids I have in the stash.... Keep up the good work with Sofee :)