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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

And on the 4th day of Tour De Fleece:

I realized that I am way behind on my blog duties.  I admit that I've been concentrating on this crazy TDF event.  It's fun - in a sort of crazy way! 

So far, I have spun up two skeins of yarn. 

 Both are traditional 3-ply.  180 and 195 yards, high twist fingering weight.  They are approx 60grams each in weight.  Eventually will be colorwork.

Today I divided a braid of fiber, used hand-cards to blend the colors (and bloody my knuckles).
I have only 1 bobbin actually spun up, but since my goal was to spin one hour a day, well, I think I'm still meeting the goal for today.

Since we last chatted, BG celebrated his 5th birthday.  As confirmation that he's growing, during his pre-kindergarten physical, it was revealed that he's grown 2 1/2 inches and gained 8LBs since last summer!!!  School starts for him on July 25th.  They are having a busy summer, and he is so enjoying his time with his stay at home mom.  We get together for special days....one of which was a recent viewing of the new movie "Monster University"(really cute movie) and a sleep-over.  Baby sister will be here in less than 2 months.  WOW.....  exciting times!

The hubbs and I went to an Art Fair this past weekend.  It's a pretty good sized production here in Des Moines.  I bought a yarn bowl.
I've been wanting one, and wanted to avoid paying shipping on an Etsy purchase.  This one is just perfect - meeting all my needs and is totally "my" color.  ;)  Really like it!

Our crazy weather continues.  My sister who lives in Idaho is experiencing uncommonly hot weather, we on the other hand have had a realively cool summer so far.  In fact, just yesterday we were treated to a very chilly surprise!
Yes, a nice refreshing hail storm in July!!!  The news talked of one small town in Iowa where the hail accumulated to a measurable 3" deep.  The photos looked like a snow cover!! 

I spent a bit of  time pitting these beautiful cherries last evening:
Aren't they pretty!  I wish the tree was in our backyard, but alas.....they came courtesy of a generous neighbor.  I must admit that I have never made a cherry pie from fresh cherries before. 
The hubbs was pretty happy with the results of my efforts though.  There's enough for pie #2 in a couple of days also.  Nice Neighbor!

I've started the Mystery Mittens KAL.  First clue produced directions for knitting lacy cuffs.  Two for each mitten.  It's intriguing.  Next clue comes out Friday. 
If the two blue cuffs do not look like they are the same color, you are correct.  They are not.  These are knit from my handspun - blended colors.  There will be enough variation in the color throughout the mitten that the cuffs should not look strange when it's all said and done.  At least that is my hope at this point.  I did not use handcards to blend the colors when I divided that fiber braid.  One reason why I DID use handcards today.  We'll see which technique and outcome I prefer.

Will be back in a few days with some colorwork mittens that are nearing completion.

Update on Sofee.  Her vet is happy with her dental recovery.  The jaw bone is also doing well.  The "hot spot" or whatever it is on her hip remains a problem.  We are trying new medication and hoping for the best.  She has 2 weeks - and if not better will make another visit to her doc.  We're keeping fingers crossed.  Allergy season will be starting soon.  I hate that she's not 100% going into it..... 

Enjoy your summer....it's slipping by fast it seems.  Take care - catch ya later! k


Kathy said...

Hi Kathy, Your yarn is fabulous! I love the way it turned out. I look forward to seeing your mittens knit from this yarn. I'm in the KAL with you...in photos, the blue does not look that different. The 'charm' of handspun is that you will not have 'perfect mittens' (color-wise) that we will since we used store bought yarn. Yours will truly be one of a kind. As in all handwork, don't point out the errors...no one else sees them...I tell all my quilting students that. It took me years not to point out my errors or to stop saying "well, it's not perfect"...and somehow that made me feel that my work was 'cheap' when I had spent hours, weeks, months (years) on things.

Kathy said...

BTW...Your cherry pie looks so yummy! Haven't had a homemade cherry pie in years. The tree at my in-laws was cut down years ago. We can't buy those cherries around here anymore. And, I love the yarn bowl. Great purchase! Glad Sofee is doing better. And, it's neat to see BG growing up! I look forward to having grandchildren someday.

Missouristar said...

A feast for the eyes today! Your spinning is SO impressive and that cherry pie makes my mouth water. Can't believe BG is getting so big. Our youngest grand will start 1st grade in the fall. And the oldest, although only 8 is almost starting to sound like a pre-teen! Looking forward to seeing pictures of BG 2.

Liana said...

mmmmm yummy, that cherry pie looks absolutely delicious. I made some peach cobbler the other day with fresh Georgia peaches, it too was yummy!

Totally digging the spun yarn, I love the colors. you do such a great job on your spinning.

BG is getting so old too and he'll be a big brother soon. I know he'll handle that role like a champ.

Judy S. said...

Loved the photos of your spinning! The cherry pie looks positively delicious. Can't believe that BG is five already. Where does the time go? I'll bet you're doing some baby girl knitting?