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Friday, August 29, 2008

She's done!

And quite frankly, I could not be happier!
As my photographer is at work, and I can't seem to take a self-portrait in a mirror, these photos will have to suffice. The sleeve length is just perfect, and the size of the sweater itself....it's huge! Just as I had planned. This will be an over regular clothes, coat- type sweater. A cold walk in the woods, or a Friday night football game type of sweater.

As for the completion process, I was very concerned with the neckline. The "yoke" braid was knit separately and then sewn on.... a great deal of easing was necessary. And, then to get it to lay down nicely.... that was a combination of the top ribbing pulling it in, and a good blocking. Oh, and then there was that ribbing....Hmmmm??? Quite a few examples shown on Ravelry leave the ribbing off, but somehow I felt compelled to knit it as designed. And now that it's completed - I like the "funnel" neckline. It is not snug at all around my neck, yet not sloppy either. Just PERFECT!!!!Will I knit this pattern again. Perhaps - or not - as the world has so many gorgeous sweater patterns, and I only have so much knitting time. But I am glad that I did undertake this task. It was not a difficult knit at all - just a great deal of knitting and twisting of those stitches. I have always loved heavily cabled sweaters, and this fits that criteria quite nicely!The only modifications were due to a gauge issue. I had to add a pattern repeat to the body length in order to get the specified length measurement. Ditto for the sleeve length, although it was only 3/4 of a pattern repeat. Oh - and I DID leave off the bottom fringe. I think the edge "as is" is finished enough for me - and there will be no rolling issue. This edge photo is the best representation of the true color of the yarn - a deep rich heathered brown. The obligatory stats: "St. Brigid" by Alice Starmore from the elusive book, "Aran Knitting". (Thanks Nancy for lending me your book!) The yarn, "Galway Highland Heather" color number 712 (Thanks Lois for my Christmas gift certificate at Creative Corner). Knit on Size 6 needles (rather than the suggested size 7). I lost track of the number of skeins it took....but a boatload for sure. There's a lot of wool it there!

Back to lace knitting for right now - Mystery Shawl 9. And perhaps some Christmas socks for my mom..... Christmas is coming folks!

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