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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Staying with the theme...

I am continuing to read Dog books.  Or, Bear books, in one case.
"Stay" could be called a "Chick Book".  Just a fun, light, comedic romance type of a tale, in which the main character (while a bit under the influence) orders a puppy from Slovakia over the internet.  Needless to say, her life gets just a bit more challenging shortly thereafter.  
"Emory's Gift" is also a very enjoyable story, but a little more thought provoking.  Told thru the eyes of a 13 yr old boy...having recently lost his mother, and dealing with a shaky paternal relationship, while peppered with humor, could also bring tears to my eyes.  This author has a new release coming soon - a sequel to "A Dog's Purpose" and I'll not be waiting for my library to get it on the shelf.  It's a pre-order on my Nook.

While I admit that my knitting/spinning production level has been a little low of late, all has not been forgotten.  Two pairs of Plain Jane socks are completed:
These were knit out of a Trekking XXL yarn.  I bought it last fall while in Wisconsin, and assumed that it would stripe.  How wrong was I!!  I was initially disappointed, but the colors are subtle enough that I do like them.  They will be fine under jeans.
These are also plain janes, aka my normal 5/1 ribbed sock.  2.25mm needle, 66 stitch count.  This "recipe" fits me perfectly, and produces the most wearable type of sock - for me anyway.  The yarn is good 'ole Opal, one of the Harry Potter colorways.  I just ordered several (6) new skeins of Opal.  Simply Sock Company has their newest collection, plus had a good sale on some of their older offerings.  I look forward to them arriving later this week.

You may recall that I was sort of in a holding pattern till I hear back from Ellen, my DIL (it may be official by now too!) with details of the sweater she wanted me to knit, I did hear from her.  Apparently, she did not realize, nor does she want a bulky weight sweater.  The pattern she had picked out called for bulky, and since modifying it all is not what I wanted to do, we are now hunting for a new pattern she likes.  Apparently, she has a sweater currently that she loves, and wants another similar.  She is a physician, and while making house-calls to her elderly patients, she wears this sweater much like a lab-coat.  So..... it may not happen soon, but eventually we'll find the perfect pattern, and I'll get busy on that project.

And, remembering even farther back....you may recall that I have done sample knitting for an indie dyer before.  She contacted me recently and wants me to start knitting for her again.  So....yarns are on their way, and hopefully I'll be getting started on those projects soon - as in later this week.  Knitting with a purpose is great fun!

Oh, and speaking of knitting with a purpose, I wore this shawl to preschool last week.

I need to spin/knit two of these as Christmas gifts for next year.  At least I have plenty of time.   kind of which the color choices were different, but if that's what they want....


Anonymous said...

Your new socks are very pretty and also look very warm. Sounds like you have several good projects ahead of you also.

Nancy said...

I love the dark-blue socks the best. I knit Plain-Jane socks, too, because I like how they fit my feet.

Judy S. said...

Nice socks, Kathy! It looks like you do some purling on the heel? I also like the shawl. The pattern looks familiar; what is it? Love the colors! Speaking of dog books, have you read the Marley one?

L. said...

I just love seeing your Plain Jane socks when you've finished them......they always look so great and of course, you always do such a neat job of knitting them!
How is Sofeesu doing these days...is she over her allergies or are they just beginning? Give her a special pat on the head from me, please.