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Monday, July 09, 2012

It's been so long......

 I had to look up my password in order to log into my account!  And, things have changed, so hopefully I can get some photos uploaded....and a post that makes sense.

First off, time does fly by.  We have recently celebrated BG's 4th birthday!  Yep....hard to believe.
Of course, he got lots of gifts.....
I'm not sure when Lego's got so complicated.....I remember basic blocks, basic square buildings.
But we are managing quite nicely.  These are good times!!!

Another birthday will be coming later this week.  SofeeSu will be 7 yrs old.
She is ready for the upcoming ragweed season with her new sweater.  I knit this one earlier this spring, and it's packed away till needed.  Usually her allergies flare up mid August.  The weather has been so severe this year.....hopefully the offending plants will have died from heat and lack of mositure before they become problematic, but probably not the case.  Anyway, we are ready!

On the spinning front, I just finished 2 LBs of Polwarth fiber.  It's a nice pretty pumpkin semi-solid color.  IntotheWhirled fiber that I have had for awhile. 
I am planning on a sweater of some sorts.  It's probably a sport/dk weight yarn.  Give or take...it is handspun after all.  It measures out at 2950 yards.  Should be fun deciding what to knit with it.

I am currently knitting on a sweater for my DIL.  She wanted a longish cardigan to use as kind of a lab-coat when she is out making house calls to her patients.  She wanted wool, in a neutral mid-brown color.  She is not a fancy, lace type of gal, so I decided on "Dark and Stormy" by Babycocktails. 
This is the back, with the cable work down the middle.
And the front has the same small cables along side a wide button band that will eventually be picked up.  It has a shawl collar.  It's a fun project, knit top down with raglan sleeves.  The only measurement I have to work with is her bust.  So....I am HOPING that it will fit when it's finished.  I used Cascade 220, which I bought on sale at a very good price, so not a huge loss if it doesn't fit.  But, I am hopeful. 

Perhaps it's all the hot weather we have had here in the midwest, but for whatever reason, my mind has been wandering to charity mittens.  So, I cast on a pair this morning.  This is my total potato chip knitting.  Love me some kid mitten knitten! 
The pattern I use for these is "No Swatch, No Gauge, Mittens" by Jen Gifford.  She has lots of different yarn/needle combos.....with the theory that whatever size they come out, they will fit SOME child.  I knit mine (usually) out of double strands of fingering weight yarns on size 4 needles.  They are very dense and warm little mitts.  Sometimes I try to co-ordinat the colors, and sometimes they are a modpodge of scrap yarns.  Either way, its a fun and worthy project.

On the reading front, I have been doing quite a bit.  I've read several Jodi Picoult books.  She's one of my favorite authors and I went back and read some of her older books.  Also, her newest one, "LoneWolf".  It was pretty good.

This book I just picked up at my local library.  A very light read....but pleasant and amusing.  The story teller is a 65 retired gal, and I find that she sees the world in a similar way as do I at times.  Ahhhh.....age does do things to a person I guess.  :)

Hopefully I'll drop a line now and then on a more regular basis.  (Funny that..... it couldn't be any less regular and still "be").  Enjoy the rest of the summer, and try to keep cool! 

Till later -  (btw - Blogger has improved since I last visited.  Nice!)


Judy S. said...

Love that pumpkin colored yarn, Kathy, and it's so good to know that you've not totally cooked yet! Cute photos of BG! How time does fly when there are little ones around, eh? I'm off to look up that sweater pattern. Stay cool!

Marguerite said...

I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering if something happened to you or your family that you didn't want to blog about. So, it was great to see BGs smiling picture today and catch up on the lovely things you've been knitting and spinning. And Sofee too!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Pictures of BG AND Sofee! We are all glad you're back and that things are ok. Nice to know you haven't melted into a big puddle. I, too, am going to go find that sweater pattern. It's absolutely gorgeous - as is your Polwarth. You've inspired me to get out my spinning wheel. We took the granddaughters to the Lego store last week and you're right! They are so complicated now. I don't think I could put one together, but Isobel has the knack. Probably BG too!

Rebecca said...

I was just wondering about you too, Kathy! I am blogging less and less but think about my first blogging buddies and wonder how they are doing. I guess your son has gotten married since I last checked in with you. How wonderful!

It is hard for me to believe that BG just turned four years old! I'm a new grandma now but my granddaughter lives far away from here (TN) and I will be lucky if I get to see her a couple times a year. I know you have been very involved in BG's upbringing and that is such a wonderful thing!!! A great gift I hope you know :)

Beautiful knitting.....as always!

Liana said...

So glad to see you back, I've missed you and hearing all your updates. Hard to believe that it's been 4 years that BG was just a babe in arms. Time does fly and it's just getting me closer to that elusive retirement.
Love that pumpkin yarn and looking forward to what you're going to do with it!

L. said...

So nice to hear from you again, Kathy. I completely understand the lack of blogging since I just updated my blog only yesterday....the first time since New Year's Day....yikes! I guess our blogging mojo was turned off for a while.

BG has certainly become a big boy. Do you still watch him during the week or is he in full daycare? Looks like he had a great birthday party. As always, give SofeeSu a nice pet for me and tell her I hope her allergies are less intense this time around. I sure like her latest sweater which is all the better to stay toasty with.