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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Good Things.....

See that temp!  25 degrees!  While Sofee does not get quick relief after the first few freezes, at least we are headed in the right direction.......

This is just such an adorable bunny.  The LYS had a sample knit up, and I fell in love.  Mine will be out of either Noro SilkGarden sock wt, or Malabrigo sock however....probably not Opal.  I don't want to waste a good ball of Opal on a toy.  Kind of wish I had some left-overs, but the mittens ate them all.  I may eventually make one out of handspun too.  Should be fun!
I was thrilled when I found this 7" ruler!  I love these little slide rulers, but all of mine end at 6", which is not adequate in my sock making.  Even better, it was on the 50% off notion rack at JoAnn's.  All of their sewing notions were 50% off, so I bought a few other (less exciting) items too.
And another stop at the quilt shop allowed me to find more pretties.  This will eventually be another project bag, but of a different kind this time.  I have a pattern, and high hopes!  ;)

I did some online research on my sewing machine.  Found some interesting information.  After seeing a plea for assistance that was posted on one board, I was able to contact a young lady who had inherited the same machine (sans any kind of manual) and answer quite a few of her "how to" questions.  I think I made her day!

Added this photo a bit later in the day:

And, my final good thing.....help from you guys!  Thanks!  I made my decision....D it will be.  It's nearly all put together.  It's been fun.  Quilting should be an experience, it's been sooooo long.  Hopefully it will be like riding that proverbial bicycle....  We'll see.

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