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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tis the season......

Almost anyway!

Both my daughter and husband have October birthdays.  Once those are over, seems like Christmas is right around the corner - just waiting to hit me in the face!  So......

First off, I bought myself a little gem.  Actually I had planned on asking the hubbs for it as a Christmas gift, but they are somewhat difficult to find (for those of us that are not fortunate enough to attend fiber festivals), so when I saw the type I wanted available online, I jumped on it!

Isn't it pretty!  It's a KCLWoods modular spindle!  The whorl is Walnut and the inlay is spatulated walnut.  Soooo pretty!  It's weighs in at 1.3 ounces.
I have resisted spinning with it till I finished some socks that I have been working on (Teacher #3 gift).  They are done now, and I have earmarked today as play day!  It spins like a dream - so nicely balanced.  Really beautiful tool.
The modular aspect is that it comes with three shafts (you can order additional ones, but I am happy with three).  When the cop is big enough, you can simply replace it with another shaft and spin away.  Theoretically, you can ply straight from the cops that way too.  He sells a special lazy kate, but I'm going to try to rig my own set-up.  (Can you say shoe box?)  I'll let you know how it works out. 

Oh, and the basket it's living in right now:
A Nantucket style that goes back to the late '80s, and my basket making phase.  I really do love it.  I have one other - non lidded one.  They are the two items that I hope my kids will someday keep and cherish as something that I made.  One may well do that, the other is not a saver or sentimental type, so .....like I say, I "hope". 

But....back to the "Season" aspect of this post:
I really have started my Christmas shopping, mostly for the BG, of course!
I think I'm going to have fun this year!  His mom suggested the Mutant Ninja Turtles, as he is all about anything "ninja" right now. 

And at my house anyway, he is all about organization and keeping all the pieces and parts of his toys together.  He's also fascinated with my recently sewn project bags, so I'm making him some to keep his toys in. 
I couldn't find any turtle fabric, so these yoga frogs with lady bug lining will be his ninja turtle bag.
He'll have lots of little hero vehicles that will live in this one, and....
This is actually the fabric that he tried to talk me into getting for a knitting bag last time we visited the fabric store.  I'm not sure it's "me", but it very will be him!

One final shot of the twin (almost) shawls, which were well received, btw.
Last photo - never to be mentioned again!

Oh, and I part with a question.  Would really appreciate it if someone out there could help me. 
This is a photo of my Rosary Vine.  It hung outside most of the summer - and thrived.  The normal blooms are the trumpet shaped flowers on the right strand of leaves.  I just noticed the skinny, "green bean" type of seed pod?? or whatever it is on the left.  Does anyone know what that is?  I'm watching it, and suppose eventually something will happen.  I'm just curious, so if anyone can help me out with this one, I'd so appreciate it!

Oh, and an update on my Christmas Cacti.  I left them outside for two mild freezes, and brought them in.  Three days later, they were covered with tiny buds.  Buds are getting big now, so again they will probably be earlier than Christmas blooms, but at least they will be blooming!  I have no green thumb, but am happy that I figured out how to get them to bloom - even though many of you do nothing special and have great luck.  That was definitely not my situation.

Off to spin again......
later - k


Liana said...

lucky dog! I have been eyeing those kcl spindles for awhile now. can't wait to hear an update about them.

congrats on the christmas cacti. pics please. :-)

karensspinzen said...

I'm still stuck on "my basket making phase". You Made that basket?!!! It's gorgeous! You're Amazing!!!