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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Drat!! Can you say "rip-it!"

This pattern is very difficult for me to understand. I am sure the pattern is well written, it is just that since I have never made a toe-up sock, I am having difficulty understanding the process...what I am doing (until it is too late!). I struggled with it late into the night, and this is the finished (?) product. At some point in time, I knew that it would have to be done over, so the the stitch errors in the heel became unimportant. The issue, is size. It was fine in the toe length, but with the gusset and heel, it is just too snug. And, I feel that the heel does not come far enough up my foot. Perhaps I have a high arch? Anyway, I think I know what I need to do differently, but going to post to the SIx Sox group, and ask for assistance. I really want to master this...even if I never make another pair of toe-ups again!

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