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Monday, June 12, 2006

This one fits - well, sort of!

Most of my Sunday was spent working on this sock; between loads of laundry, cooking, and watching "City of Angels". Happily, my efforts paid off and at least it fits. It is a little loose if anything, in the heel area, but not too bad. The next challenge will be to get the 2nd sock to fit the same. I sometimes wonder if knitting 2 at the same time is not the answer....
Right now I am working on the spiral leg, and am really enjoying it! I need mindless knitting. I also need new needles...notice I don't have a matching set in the photo. Sofee has been at her chomping habit again. This time it was the Pony Pearls...yes, metal ones! Good thing I love her so much!!

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trish said...

The combo of brown yarns looks lovely. Do I see some Opal Owl in there?