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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Board Fence Socks are done!

Well, those were fun! I managed to get the stripes matched, well sort of. I was not going to worry about a match, being content with fraternal socks. But, accidently, they were a match minus about 1/8 of an inch. I made an adjustment in the heel area so that the feet would match more perfectly. They came out ok.

This stitch "Board Fence Stitch" has a nice texture, that would show much better with a solid color. This is the yarn selection for the SOTM club, and was designed by Leslie Verts. I believe all of there patterns are from the same designer. This is only the 3rd month that I have received them, but have been happy with the choices so far. In the Month of August, the yarn will be something other than Opal, however. That will be a new experience. I have come to rely on the sizing with Opal.

Off to bed now. Will ponder what is next.....

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Shirley said...

Kathy, another fantastic job! I am glad you added a close-up photo of the pattern. Very pretty (as usual).