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Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Hippie Challenge" perhaps....

I decided to start the "Hippie Crunchy" socks that are the current STR club selection. The yarn color has grown on my, and I like it - now that it is blended together. It always amazes me the difference the transition from skein to merged stitches makes in the color.

This pattern is challenging for me, however! The fold-over top was achieved with little effort, but the mesh, open weave of the stitch pattern is proving to be a little more difficult. The stitch pattern is a repeat of 12 stitches, and I have chosen to put each set on a unique needle. So, I am knitting these on 6 needles. Also, I promptly snapped off the tip of one of my Pony Pearls, so I switched to metals - 8" needles (sigh). (Reminder: I must order those shorter ones from KnitPicks!) I have to get another set of these metals if I can find them. They are the inexpensive set available at JoAnn's fabrics, so that is one of the errands I must run today.

I wonder, does frogging back and picking up stithces on such an open-worked pattern ever get easier - ?? I just am not able to see the movement of the stitchs that well. If I drop a stitch, I am in a world of hurt. I wonder, is it my inexperience with this type of knitting, or just something that no one can do with much ease...?


Kate said...

Lovely colour, and great pattern. I think I've missed some KAL's, he he.

So long from Norway.

Jennifer said...

I love the color as well. I have read that you can do something that is called a safety line. All you have to do is thread a needle with some dental floss and go through all the stitches on the needle. Continue to work the stitches and if you ever need to rip some out you will only have to go back to that row. I hope that makes sense. I'm rather new to knitting myself but the idea of a safety net on a complicated pattern sounds good to me. ;-)

Jen from ct

Tammy said...


This site has all kinds of short row heel information down near the bottom.