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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hippie Chunky Socks are done!

I have finally finished the Hippie Chunkie socks. These are the 2nd pair that I have done with the Socks That Rock club. I wish they were longer in the leg, but they were called "anklets", so duh!!! Should have known!! They fit nicely, and as they were the first pair of STR light weight that I have made, it was a good learning experience. Gives me some insight as to gauge issues, etc.

My next project is the KAL with the Six Sox group. They are doing a "Scales Skin Socks" aka Snake Skin Socks or SSS. But, my SSS will be "Soft, Sumptuous Socks", as I am not too keen on anything having to do with snakes!!

I am going to use STR "Cobblestone County" colorway. I really like the looks of a multi-colored yarn in the examples the group has posted. I usually start a new sock project on day one of the kal, but coming in a little late has it's benefits.... you can see lots of examples of what other folks have done. Hope I do not have stuggles with the SSS. I really want a fun, easy knit this time. Wish me luck...

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Mama Bear said...

These are great! Love the colors and the pattern.

Your socks above look like great fun and your little pooch is a cutie!

Mama Bear