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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thanks be to Shirley

Sofee has been busy giving out paw prints ever sense she became an internet celebrity, but, eventually her famous picture will slide off to Archive land. Thanks to our friend Shirley, her picture will become a permanent part of our blog frontpage. Shirey formatted it for us, and we think it looks terrific!! Thanks Shirley!

Thanks also go to Shirley for being such a terrific knitting buddy. In all the years I have knit, I have never had anyone with whom to share the process. My family - sure - they tried to show some enthusiasm - as only a loving family can. But Shirley is genuinely interested and involved, sharing with me so many of the same likes and dislikes. She is a talented lady, and I have really enjoyed getting to know her through our knitting efforts. Great Fun!!

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Artseycrafts said...

Kathy, I am blushing as I read all the flattering comments about me. You are a great knitting friend and teacher and I am so glad we met! My wish is to someday knit as beautifully (and fast) as you!
I feel that I know Sofee too.(vbg)