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Sunday, September 17, 2006

On to "On the Road"....

I finished the "fluted Bannister" socks from the Six Sox KAL files last night. What a fun knit! The pattern was just right - easy, yet not boring - for me at least. I am easily entertained!! They feel wonderful...(Thanks again Lisa for a wonderfully soft, beautifully colored yarn!)

Next project is "New England" from the "Knitting On the Road" book by Nancy Bush. I have had this book for years, yet have never used any of the patterns. Having Shirley as a knitting partner has given me that needed umph! I have been pretty productive of late!

Soon I need to make Sofee a new sweater, also. The Iowa winter is just around the corner. While she is still tiny, she is a wee bigger than last year, and is certainly deserving of a new wardrobe. A sweater that I made for a young Herky fits her perfectly, but unfortunately, I failed to keep good records on how I made it. Darn!!

Also, I purchased a sizable amount of DK wool while in Scotland. It is a lovely shade of Oatmeal and Apricot. Hope to make a sweater (?) out of it eventually. Eventually - hmmm interesting word... :)

I have joined a couple of new knitting webrings. Midwest knitters, and Purling Puppies. Both fit me to a "T", I thought. Hope to receive acceptance soon.

And, lastly, I have joinied my very first "Swap" event. "Sockret-Pals". Hope to get my partner's info soon. It sounds like it should be a great deal of fun.

Enough chit chat. Better get to knitting....


Artseycrafts said...

Hi Kathy, glad you liked knitting the Fluted Bannisters - they look great! I really like the Yellow Ribbon Lisa Souza yarn which I also ordered, mostly because I like your FB's.(vbg)

I know I suggested the New England socks from Knitting on the Road but never thought I would have so much trouble.(sigh) Now you will need to keep me going with them.(LOL)

Lisathemom said...

Beautiful socks! I'm going to try the fluted bannisters next - printed out the pattern today. Love your little dog, too!

Rebecca said...

Your Fluted Bannisters are lovely! Have you ever looked at Alice Starmore's book called Fishermen Sweaters? They have some very nice gansey sweaters using DK weight yarn. There is a Yahoo Group for the book where you can get moral support :-)

How much does your little dog weigh? I need to knit a sweater for my teacup poodle who weighs around 5-6 lbs.