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Sunday, November 12, 2006


My DH is continuing to do well after his recent heart attack. Now I am faced with the challenge of making tasty, healthy meals. We are discovering the taste of egg suppliments, fat free gravy mixes, veggie cheese, and bocca meat. So - if anyone has any tasty heart healthy recipes...send them my way, please!! He had an appointment with his Family Practioner last week, and his doc was amazed. None of his blood work has ever indicated that he had a developing problem with his heart. Cholesterol and others have always been within normal limits. So - guess we just got broad sided on this. I though perhaps we were just not well informed, but apparently nothing to be informed of.

Sofee has the challenge of keeping warm on walks with dad in a climate that is only going to get colder before it gets much warmer. The wool turtle neck sweater just doesn't make a great deal of difference!! She winds up being a warming element in dad's jacket most of the time. Luckily she is so light weight that she is within his weight lifting limitations. Here she is after her walk today. She is laying on a heated disk, enveloped by a cloud of fleece. One of the few moments that she would not pose for the camera - just too cold and tired.

I can't share my current project with you, as it is the pair of socks for my Sockret pal. I can just say that I had the first sock knit thru the middle of the gusset, and realized that my gauge was abnormally tight, so - yep.... Started all over. I know my knitting reflects my mood and stress level, so I should have been more aware. Oh well, it's the process, right....???


Bagpuss said...

I'm sorry to hear about DH illhealth, but wish him all the best. I was born with a heart condition and know I should really eat ultra-healthy but it is so hard sometimes. Good Luck on your quest for tasty recipes I know there are some out there as my stepdad has just been diagnosed with diabetes so they have been trying to eat well too.

Jennifer said...

Poor Sofee! Such a cute picture. My chi Frisky rides in our coats, too, when it gets too cold. He definitely needs more sweaters.

Glad your dh is doing better :)

Marguerite said...

What a sweet picture of Sofee. Bet she is glad to have her family home and back together again.

Glad to hear your dh is going to be OK.

Ang W. said...

Hi Kathy, Fellow six soxer in Iowa here. While dh was listening to WMT 600 radio once about 1996 he bought me a cook book, and year subscription to Healthy Exchanged News letters. I think you can check them out at
While looking this up for you, I just learn the lady who started it passed away in May 2006. But her recipes are good tasting and you can find what you need for them as she only included recpies with ingredants she could by in the grocery store in DeWitt Iowa. This shocked me as they still do radio ad's saying she is writing for a local Older citizens paper here north of where she was.

Her recipes are helping me for the second time as I am watching points with my friends in Weight Watchers. I have lost about 12 pounds in 8 weeks and enjoyed eating things I like.


and click her
Sample Copy Newsletter on the home page ..

Best wishes as you learn to cook healthy, and keep your little dog warn in Iowa.

Called by the Lord,
Ang W.

PICAdrienne said...

One of my favorite ways to cook chicken breast (boneless and skinless) is to poach it in chicken stock (or sodium free broth) and a bit of white wine worchestershire sauce. It is quick, it is easy it is yummy. Add a some steamed veggies (cauliflower, broccoli and sugar peas) a bit of a salad, and you have a quick simple meal.