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Thursday, December 21, 2006

New and Improved (??)

Well, I took the plunge...jumped in with both feet...figured I could spend the majority of tomorrow trying to fix the mess, as I am off work tomorrow, and fairly caught up on holiday planning.

Yes - I upgraded from Old Blogger to the new and improved Blogger. Before I could utilize any of the new features, I also had to upgrade my template - loosing all of my modifications. OH NO!! I struggled so, to get everything set up the way I wanted!! I was a little concerned, but all in all, pretty painless. I think it is indeed improved, and I will really enjoy the new features.

So - if any of you are teetering on the edge... Go ahead and jump! The water's pretty nice!!


Punkin said...

I almost upgraded and then chickened out. The old Blogger works fine for me and I guess I will need a little shove to change. The chain-link socks are very pretty. I was surprised that they are a slip-stitch pattern. I look forward to trying more slip stitch or mosaic patterns.

Artseycrafts said...

Your "new" blog looks great. I can see the photos (not true for all Beta blogs) and I can add a comment (couldn't only two days ago). Good job!

Pat said...

It looks perfect - very nice!

Abigail said...

When I started my blog, I think I spent about a day in regular blogger, and then went right to (what was then) beta.
I really like the set up, and I love the labels feature.

The new blogger is definitely pretty awesome, and your setup looks great.

(btw, Sofee looks cuter and cuter every time I come to your blog!)

Kathy said...

Thanks to you all for the vote of confidence regarding the new blogger set up. I think I will really enjoy it also!

Abigail, a special thanks from Sofee!! And, as she gets older, she has given up on chewing knitting needles!! (Yipee!!)